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Surgent’s Risk Management for the Small Business (SSMG722/24)

Event Description

In many smaller organizations the job of risk manager is housed with the CEO, and many of the staff who better understand the details of the various risks are not included in risk-management discussions. This program will take a hard look at risk management and show how to develop a program that is specifically designed to work well in a small business. Based on proven management techniques, the risk-management system will better focus on good risk management and especially strong mitigation.

Designed For

CFOs, controllers, and finance professionals


Learn how to structure a risk-management system that will be accepted by the organization Know how to take the politics out of risk management See how risk management can improve the management of the organization Discover how to better mitigate risks without insurance Know how to set insurance limits and deductibles

Major Subjects

Was COVID-19 a black swan or a gray rhino? Monitor centrally but control decentrally Establish specific plan for risk management Risk recognition Risk evaluation Risk mitigation