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Surgent’s Not a Minor Matter: Determining Major Programs in a Single Audit (SSAA887/24)

Event Description

Major programs are critical to the single audit process as they are the programs for which the auditor will be performing additional internal control work on and ultimately issuing a compliance opinion on as part of the single audit. This course is designed to help you understand and excel in determining major programs.

Designed For

Auditors performing single audits


Understand the importance of the major program determination process Perceive the key elements in major program determination and selection (e.g., properly identifying type A and type B programs, high-risk and low-risk programs, and the percentage-of-coverage rule)

Major Subjects

Understand the risk-based program selection approach to identifying major programs The four-step major program determination process How to identify not low-risk type A programs and high-risk type B programs


Some introductory knowledge of the single audit