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Surgent’s Max the Tax: Metaverse (SSTE720/24)

Event Description

Your client, Multi-Mega Markets Corporation (MMM), a global conglomerate with businesses in entertainment, fashion, retail, software, technology and other industries, is looking for advice on the state of the metaverse. They are considering starting a new subsidiary in the metaverse called The MegaVerse (TMV). Your help is needed to share accurate information about the metaverse, choose the most appropriate MMM subsidiaries to be associated with the metaverse, and make decisions regarding interoperability.

Designed For

Accounting professionals and anyone needing foundational information related to the metaverse


Understand how professionals are utilizing the metaverse to their advantage Recognize emerging issues in the metaverse

Major Subjects

Why accounting and other professionals should use the metaverse Where accountants and other professionals can find their space in the metaverse How the metaverse is changing the way we work