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Surgent’s Lessons Learned: What a $53 Million Fraud Can Teach Us (SSAA797/24)

Event Description

This course will take an in-depth look at the largest municipal fraud in U.S. history. What red flags did the auditors miss? What red flags did the bank miss? This course includes a conversation with former U.S. Marshal Jason Wojdylo, who was an integral part of this case.This is the fourth of five 2-hour courses in Surgent’s Fraud Certificate Program. This program includes a combination of lectures, animated videos, and live interviews with white-collar offenders and whistle-blowers. Each course is designed to be engaging and informative and will enhance your understanding of fraud.

Designed For

Professionals who want to learn from a real-life fraud case to understand how to detect and prevent fraud in their organizations


Understand the circumstances surrounding Rita Crundwell’s municipal fraud Use the lessons learned from that case to understand some of the characteristics of an effective internal fraud program

Major Subjects

Background of the Dixon, IL fraud case Internal control weaknesses related to the $53 million fraud Lessons learned from this case