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Surgent’s Increase the Efficiency of Your Organization (SSMG709/24)

Event Description

There are only two things that any organization needs to accomplish for success: serve the customer well and do it efficiently. This short program will concentrate on the efficiency side, which is always near and dear to the heart of the financial professional. We will develop a well-proven program to increase efficiency in a way that is both embraced by employees and has been found to work. By following this simple formula, any organization can become more efficient.

Designed For

CFOs, controllers, and financial professionals


Develop an efficiency program that is embraced by employees Understand how efficiency is a key to success Understand how incentives can improve efficiency Recognize how internal competition can improve efficiency Tap into employee creativity for efficiency

Major Subjects

Proven ways to measure costs in relation to objectives Develop methods to measure company and department objectives Use ratios to measure and improve efficiency Develop an incentive system that rewards efficiency