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Surgent’s Hiring and Firing of Employees – What You Can and Cannot Do (SSOT714/24)

Event Description

There are numerous federal laws that restrict what businesses can do in terms of hiring and firing employees. Many of these laws impose significant penalties if employers violate them. Accordingly, it is crucial that all employers and their professional advisors understand these laws and apply them to their employment practices.

Designed For

Any practitioner whose duties involve hiring and firing employees


Recognize when a worker might have an implied employment contract Know what to ask about and what to discuss during an employment interview Know how to discharge an employee – what, and what not, to say and do

Major Subjects

Employment at will—what this means in a practical sense Implied employment contracts What a prospective employer can ask about, and test for, during employment interviews Federal anti-discrimination rules applicable to hiring and firing How to fire an employee and not get sued