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Surgent’s Ethical Considerations for CPAs (SSET704/24)

Event Description

CPAs today face greater challenges than ever to maintain the high ethical standards of their profession. This course provides a framework within which to consider the ethical challenges facing CPAs and focuses on ethical requirements that CPAs must adhere to in their everyday practice, including practical examples of potential ethical dilemmas that practitioners may encounter. PLEASE NOTE: THIS COURSE COVERS GENERAL ETHICS AND IS APPLICABLE IN STATES IN WHICH STATE-SPECIFIC ETHICS IS NOT REQUIRED.

Designed For

All CPAs


Understand the attributes of ethics and professional conduct Identify ethical issues that occur every day in the work environment Understand those deliberative, emotional, and social skills that enable a CPA to put their knowledge of the rules into practice in ways that are applicable to any situation

Major Subjects

The CPA’s role in today’s economy The similarities and differences between individual and business ethics The link between ethics, integrity and scruples The basic attributes of ethics and professional conduct The history of the CPA profession and the CPA’s requirement to adhere to ethics policies and codes of conduct The AICPA’s Code of Professional Conduct and a CPA’s responsibility to the public, clients, and colleagues The common rules and statutes faced daily in the CPA profession. Case studies may also be utilized to present potential ethical dilemmas CPAs may face during their careers


Experience in financial reporting