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Surgent’s Capital Planning in Light of COVID-19 (SSMG704/24)

Event Description

Capital planning as a concept has undergone few changes; however, following the recent pandemic, we suddenly saw that our old system didn’t work with the rapid change that was required. This program will take a look at capital planning in light of what we have learned from COVID-19, and specifically apply it to the small businesses needing to view capital planning in a new way.

Designed For

CFOs, controllers, and finance professionals


Understand how to set up a formal capital expenditure system without a lot of bureaucracy Understand the relationship between the capital expenditure system and nimbleness Recognize how to take the politics out of capital purchases Recognize how to increase the productivity of the organization through a good system Understand how to audit past capital decisions

Major Subjects

Formal and informal capital planning systems Capital expenditure and nimbleness Why a low average cost is not necessarily the best measurement Looking at capital expenditure in light of bank requirements Exempting certain assets from the need for analysis Exploring the best way of project and capital analysis