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Surgent’s Achieving High Levels of Compliance and Customer Service in Your Organization (SSMG703/24)

Event Description

Probably one of the greatest conflicts in an organization is determining which is more important: compliance or customer service. This program digs deeply into the issue and prepares the finance professional to achieve high levels of compliance and customer service in the department and in the entire organization. We will examine both disciplines from an analytical standpoint, proving why they are necessary for both for-profit and nonprofit businesses to achieve success.

Designed For

CFOs, controllers, and finance professionals


Identify why customer service is just as important as compliance for profitability Understand how some organizations have achieved top performance in their industries See how good customer service is not about being right Realize why finance professionals have a bias toward compliance Identify what is wanted by the internal customers of the finance and accounting departments

Major Subjects

Why customer service is not just having nice people; it is truly serving the customer Analysis of the value of the customer to compare it to various costs creating an ROI How to develop a compliance program that adds value to the customer A hard look at several companies and industries that have mastered the dual objectives How COVID-19 has affected compliance and customer service