Thanks to everyone who attended SCACPA’s Fall Fest Accounting Conference in Columbia on Nov. 15-16. We’d like to share a selection of your comments from our post-event surveys:


“This organization has turned back into what it was it was originally intended.  It is again an advocate for the profession and a vehicle to share information.  Thank you for all that you do.” 


“Event was fantastic, best in my history with SCACPA. … The breaks worked great to network and visit vendors.  … The lunch on the first day with the recognition of McRoy Skipper was very nice and really touched on that ‘We are a community’ aspect.  … The ‘share your photos on social media’ idea was great, and looking at all of the smiling faces on Facebook today was a nice touch. Having the students come on the second day and engage with us was a very good touch too. Overall – GREAT JOB SCACPA!”


“Spring Splash and Fall Fest were dynamite opportunities for CPE and networking.  Columbia makes the most sense for location from all over the state.”


“I thought it was a great event! We have definitely outgrown the facility as it was very tight in the hallways … But those are ‘good’ problems to have.”


“The staff did a wonderful job coordinating everything and were very helpful and friendly.”


“The most enjoyable event yet and all due to the energy of the speakers. Great job, guys!”



“Enjoyed the pieces about succession planning and health insurance changes. Very knowledgeable speakers.”


“Presentation was very helpful with understanding SC Rules and Regs. The quizzes were very effective.”


“It was great to see an industry-specific topic!”


“The last session of the conference and by far one the better sessions – if not the best one attended.”


“This was a lively and engaging presentation; a good way to end the day.”



“This was a fantastic class. Very engaging speaker. I wish this class would’ve been in a longer time slot. Gary had lots to talk about and the real-life experience was invaluable.”


“Very good presenter from a legal/litigation standpoint. I would recommend him for future classes.”


“I’ve listened to many economic updates over the years and he was as good as some of the best I’ve seen. The speaker did a great job with this topic and had very good material.” 


“This speaker was very lively and kept us all awake and involved in an after-lunch CPE on ethics … and that’s saying something!”


“The instructor did a fantastic job and was very real about this topic. He did a great job bringing out the reality of the situation.”


“Mr. Edwards is a great speaker, and the real-life examples he provides add a lot to his presentation.”


“Speaker obviously knew the material and made it very interesting, even to those of us who aren’t familiar with some of what he was talking about.”


“One of my favorite classes and speakers!  He was so engaging and interesting.  Made me want to dig further into forensic accounting.”


“He held my attention on a very dry topic.”


“She coordinated a very informative presentation on some of the current IT resources available in our profession.”


“This instructor was amazing!  I wish we could have had a longer class.  I loved the topic and I loved the speaker.”


“Mr. Robert Charles did an incredible job of making the subject matter interesting. Between his personality and his ability to capture an audience, he made the time of this session really fly by. He may be the best CPE presenter I have ever had.”