When SCACPA entered its third year of All-Inclusive Membership in the summer of 2020, we wanted to hear what South Carolina CPAs had to say about the experience.

We compiled the results of our 2020 Membership Survey, and we had a lot to sort through. We heard back from 766 respondents, of which 491 are SCACPA Members and 275 are non-members.

Your voice is crucial in identifying improvement areas and guiding our future efforts. As we share some of your preliminary feedback right now, we feel this survey is evidence of the incredible value that comes from an open conversation with South Carolina’s CPAs.

Overwhelmingly, you are telling us that SCACPA and our publications are an ideal way to keep up with the issues affecting our industry – and the changes coming to the profession. We are a community that shares the same principles.

The survey showed:

  • 80% of respondents said SCACPA membership adds to their professional development
  • Nearly 71% of respondents are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with SCACPA’s level of service
  • The majority of respondents say the investment value is “fair” or “more than fair.” Nearly one-fifth of respondents said they got more value back than what they invested in monetarily with SCACPA membership

This is just the start of the conversation! As we evaluate the results in more detail and respond to the areas where we have room to grow, let’s continue to keep the lines of communication open. Look for more opportunities in the coming weeks!

SCACPA is committed to becoming an association of the future. Take a look at what the survey respondents are telling us about the strengths we have today:

The Value of Membership

This word cloud is a visual representation of the phrases that survey respondents used to describe SCACPA. Prepared by Up10Solutions.com.

“SCACPA has a great variation of offerings to meet almost any CPA needs or interest.”

“It is a great organization, and all South Carolina CPAs can benefit from being an active member.”

“It doesn’t charge the earth for its membership (because it recognizes I am a professional who is capable of choosing her own CPE). It has much more in-depth information on various topics. It’s not just a networking organization with a little bit of lobbying and CPE thrown in – it’s actually the place to go when you need to answer a professional question.”

“I joined SCACPA mainly for CPE but also for up-to-date news on the accounting world.  I also like that the Association advocates on our behalf on legislative issues.”

“I feel like SCACPA is a nice, centralized location for me to find up-to-date information on what is going on in the CPA world.”

“SCACPA is a local organization that focuses on the profession. It provides quality CPE with the courses it sponsors. It keeps up with changes and keeps its membership informed. It advocates for the profession and the future professionals.”

“As an information source, I get updates on the profession from local sources.”

“The staff at SCACPA work very hard and provide a great service to our profession.”

“Staff is always helpful when I have an issue.”

“SCACPA provides opportunities for CPAs to connect with other CPAs and unifies the profession.”

“You do a wonderful job. If I lived in South Carolina, I would have continued my membership. … Keep up the good work. I am still a big proponent of SCACPA, and wish you all the best!”

SCACPA is Your Voice in State Representation: We Advocate on Your Behalf

“Strength in numbers. The industry needs to put forth a united front on matters impacting the industry –particularly with respect to anything the legislature may impact.”

“They are the best advocate for the CPA in South Carolina.”

“The profession needs an entity to act as a spokesperson for all CPAs in the state on the issues.”

Learning and Education

“SCACPA gives me access to resources that are essential in maintaining the knowledge and skills required to perform my job.”

“I like that SCACPA offered me online CPE due to COVID cancelling my usual conferences.”

“I’ve used SCACAPA for CPE to maintain my CPA certificate after retirement.”

“Great job with Spring Splash!”

“I enjoy the wide range of CPE offered and your overall support of the profession.”

Connecting You with Your Peers

“I believe in professional organizations and exchanges with my fellow CPAs. It’s a means of meeting colleagues to discuss different topics.”

“I have enjoyed taking part in October Month of Service and volunteering opportunities in the past. I have not attended social events for a while, but they are excellent and should continue for those who can attend. Locally offered CPE has been helpful.”

“I stay closely connected with my profession in the state where I practice via SCACPA’s various programs. I’ve enjoyed networking with other members during my 35-year career. Now that I am retired, SCACPA is my go-to source for CPE and professional information.”

News, Updates and Professional Information

Of the many benefits SCACPA offers our community, members cited as important resources and support:

  • “I like the updates about tax law changes.”
  • “Resources for my professional knowledge/advancement (mentors, advisors, network, connections, etc.)”
  • “Interaction and open discussions with fellow CPAs, getting updates that are relevant to my profession.”
  • “Keeping up with trends and learning.”
  • “To keep abreast of SC-related impact to the accounting profession.”
  • “Knowledge shared through publications and CPE.”
  • “Keep up with regulations and topics affecting CPAs.”
  • “State-level support of the profession; statewide committee opportunities.”
  • “State updates and guidance on professional licensing.”
  • “The tools provided by the newsletter and website.”
  • “Receiving information and help with situations that are specific to what I do as a profession.”

Do you still have questions about what the Association can do for you? Speak with a staff member today to learn more about SCACPA and the value of membership by calling 803.791.4181. We’re always only a phone call away!