Important Announcement: SCACPA Staff will be out of the office on Thursday, May 16, and Friday, May 17, for our Spring Splash conference! We will return to normal office hours on Monday, May 20.


  • It’s time to renew your SCACPA Membership! We’re thrilled to continue to serve you under the All Inclusive Membership model in the coming year. See what all you helped us accomplish last year in our year in review.
    • IMPORTANT DUES REMINDER: SCACPA members paid a dues renewal rate of $700 in 2018 because every local Chapter contributed a $99 discount as a one-time only introductory rate for the All-Inclusive Membership package. Having heard the feedback of members like you, the All-Inclusive dues have given our members more options, better options and better content. We look forward to giving you this level of service and more moving forward at the $799 annual membership price.
  • SCACPA Content Products are in the works! In addition to standard tips and tricks, our content guide for interviewing will feature quotes from members about what they specifically look for in candidates. We’re also putting together information on how to market your CPA firm. Stay tuned!


  • We are excited to host high school teachers from around the region at the AICPA’s APBP: Advanced Accounting Training here in the SCACPA office! We’re dedicated to growing the student pipeline and providing teachers with the tools they need to communicate the need for accounting professionals and encourage students to explore the profession. Teachers, click here to register.
  • SCACPA is the only organization in the state the protects and promotes the CPA profession. Now that tax season has officially begun, we’re going to be promoting our #WhyCPA campaign to spread awareness about the differences between an accountant and a CPA, and why choosing a CPA is a smart long-term financial decision. We know choosing a CPA is the right decision, don’t you?
  • Students, SCACPA Scholarships close next Friday, May 31! Check out our Student Membership page for the set of instructions on how to apply. Over $40,000 was awarded to students across the state last year – so apply today!


  • SCACPA Connect is our professional networking platform where members can engage and interact with each other. Your SCACPA Connect login credentials are the same as your login information. You can use SCACPA Connect to ask questions where other members and experts can give answers or advice. With the complexity of the new tax law, we know it is important to create a space where our CPAs can get answers fast – SCACPA Connect allows you to do just that!
  • Don’t forget to follow us on social media (FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram) for quick, real-time updates! We share the latest breaking news on social media first, so go ahead and give us a Like and Follow!
  • SCACPA is currently looking for volunteers to serve as Educational Fund trustees. Serving as an Ed Fund trustee is an easy way to volunteer in SCACPA and work with our next generation of members—and without consuming too much of your time. Read more about volunteering as an Ed Fund trustee here.


  • SCACPA is excited to announce it has partnered with Melisa Galasso, CPA, of Galasso Learning Solutions. With over 15 years of experience in the accounting profession, Melisa closely monitors regulatory bodies for changes in auditing and accounting guidance and serves as a subject matter expert in implementing the updated guidance. Find Melisa’s first SCACPA blog post here.
  • SCACPA CEO Chris Jenkins is the host of #TechTuesday, a weekly technology update posted to our YouTube channel. Check out our content here and remember to subscribe!
  • Spring Splash is THIS WEEK WEEK! Read more about Spring Splash and check out sessions here. The CPE Catalog on the website now includes our 2019-2020 CPE Schedule, too! Here’s a reminder about how you can use the remainder of your 2018-2019 40 Hour CPE Bank between now and June 30, 2019.
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