As our efforts wind down on our membership renewals period for the 2018-19 membership year, VP of Membership and Communications Lisa and Content Strategist Gregory have begun work on an upcoming recruitment campaign to attract new members who might be unfamiliar with SCACPA’s wide range of benefits for accounting professionals.

Lisa is putting together all letters and correspondence to remind members who have not yet renewed their dues that their SCACPA membership will expire Aug. 31.

Gregory is gathering and editing articles for the third quarter issue of South Carolina CPA Report magazine.

The communications team is also starting work for October’s Month of Service campaign. Be on the lookout for our new “CPAs Give” T-shirt design and an online poll for which charity our overall Month of Service campaign should support.

CFO/COO Jacque sent out scholarship acceptance letters last week. South Carolina’s worthy college accounting students should be receiving them any day!

The CPE team will be reviewing survey data regarding this week’s course, Governmental A&A Update (SMAA05). Thank you to all participants for attending and providing feedback.

Communications Coordinator Brook will continue to monitor and input all submission forms for registration for the upcoming Clemson Tax University courses.

Membership and Communications Coordinator Jasmine is working with Chapter Leaders to prepare them for the upcoming Chapter Retreat in Charleston on Aug. 8.