The Conformity Bill H. 5162; introduced by House Ways and Means Committee Chair Brian White (R-Anderson), is currently at the House and will be going to meeting this week. For more Legislative updates click here.

CEO Chris and Board Member Ken Newhouse are testifying for this bill and continues to be a part of the process every step of the way.

So far this month, we have added 10 new members to the organization. SCACPA will continue to focus on keeping the local talent of the accounting community in the state.

SCACPA has been working hard to update our new website that will be launching soon. The entire communications staff has been in website training. We have also been dividing up responsibilities for the website including, moving old content over and updating it, creating new pages, images and navigation set up. As we move along we are also testing different features and forms of our website to ensure their accuracy.

The CPA Report has officially been mailed out! We have had more calls from members since it’s mailing, and we look forward to continuing to help our members with any questions they may have.

Don’t forget to register for our two May courses: May 21, Auditing Under the New Uniform Guidance (Single Audit) – Yellow Book (SMAA01) or Livestream (LIAA01) and May 22, GASB Update – Yellow Book (SMAA02) or Livestream (LIAA02).

Other quality upcoming courses can be found here.

Membership Experience Assistant Brook has created a Central chapter post card with the upcoming social events in the area. This has been printed and will be sent out soon.

Membership and Communications Coordinator Jasmine is working closely with Chapter Leaders for their upcoming Chapter Orientation and Training. She is also currently working on putting together the Chapter Connections for Piedmont and Sea Island.

The SCACPA team would like to thank Tim Baker for coming to our office and teaching staff an Accounting 101 class. This was very valuable for all members of our team.