Every time you visit the SCACPA office in Cayce, we hope it results in a stimulating and productive day with colleagues.

We also hope you can assist the Association by agreeing to say some words of encouragement in front of our video production team about a SCACPA initiative that’s important to you.

We’re not looking for you to be the world’s most expert motivational speaker. In fact, it’s more important that you talk sincerely from the heart. We’ll then share these quick testimonials over our social media. When other SCACPA members see your passion and motivation, it helps spread the word and build momentum for volunteers to follow your lead.

We would especially love to generate testimonials on the following topics:

  • The Value of Volunteering
  • The Strength of SCACPA Advocacy
  • The Satisfaction of Being a Chapter Officer
  • Your Month of Service Projects
  • Encouraging the SCACPA Pipeline
  • Share Your Expertise as a Session Speaker or News Article Writer
  • Your Experience at Fall Fest and Spring Splash
  • Knowledge You’ve Gained Through SCACPA CPE
  • The Future of the Profession
  • Any Specific Topic/Initiative SCACPA Members Should Know About (examples: Tax Conformity, the South Carolina Tax Team, being a Campus Champion, a recent chapter networking event, etc.)

Here are examples of SCACPA testimonials we’ve already recorded. We look forward to giving you the chance to tell the world your SCACPA story too!

SCACPA Board Member Brad Ledford, CPA, on the Advocacy work that’s at the heart of All-Inclusive Membership:

“What I really like about this new All-Inclusive Membership is how it really pulls us together in the area of advocacy as well. I know all of us know that it is important and that it’s key to the profession and for us as CPAs. Well, it is great having the South Carolina Association of CPAs focused on that, doing the hard work that we don’t even see behind the scenes, and it’s really awesome that this new All-Inclusive Membership allows us to have greater support in that area of advocacy.”

Jeremy Weaver, CPA, of PlanFIRST CPA in Greenville on the value of All-Inclusive Membership:

“My name is Jeremy Weaver. Price is only an issue in the absence of value. and that’s why I like the new model. For the next five years, our profession is going to change more than you can possibly imagine. The Association has agreed to become your partner in figuring out what those next five years look like. And that’s extremely valuable, and it’s actually worth paying for. That’s why I’m a big fan of the new model.”