As we near the end of the membership year (June 30, 2019), you might have questions about how to use the final remaining hours of your 2018-19 CPE Bank. Because it’s not always possible to find the specialized topics that are important to you at an in-person seminar, SCACPA’s selections of Surgent On-Demand Self-Study courses are a perfect fit for those who find themselves with an hour or two left to use before 40-hour CPE Banks are reset and unused hours are gone. (To repeat: Unused 2018-19 CPE Bank hours are not rolled over into the next membership year.)

  1. How many hours of self-study can I take in a year?

The South Carolina Board of Accountancy requires that South Carolina CPAs report no more than 20 hours of self-study each calendar year.

  1. If I take more than 20 hours of self-study in a calendar year, do those hours carryover?

No. Below is the South Carolina Board of Accountancy’s statement on self-study hours and carryover:

“Limiting self-study courses to only 20 hours per year, not allowing self-study as carryover.”

And again here:

“(b) Not more than fifty (50%) percent (20 hours) of the required hours may be in self study programs. Self study credits are not available for carry-over credit.”

  1. How do I access the Surgent course?

You will receive email instructions from Surgent after you’ve registered. You’ll be prompted to create a Surgent account where you will access the course(s) and download your certificate(s). SCACPA’s selections of more than 240 Surgent self-study classes can be found here.

  1. Do I have to complete the course all at once?

No, that’s the beauty of self-study! You can read or watch the material and “attend” the course at your leisure. You have one year from date of registration to take the course.

  1. How do I receive credit? Is there a test at the end?

Yes, there is a test at the end and you must score at least 70% to receive credit. You can retake the exam as many times as needed until you pass.

  1. How long will it take to receive my certificate?

Once you complete a course, please allow up to 30 days to receive you certificate of completion.

  1. How long do I have to complete the course?

You have one year from date of registration to take the course. If you register for a Surgent course on June 20, 2019, using your 2018-19 bank hours, you will have until June 20, 2020 to complete the course – even though you may take the course in the new membership year.

  1. How do I receive my certificate?

Surgent will send you an email notification when your certificate is available to download on your Surgent profile. Please allow up to 24 hours for your certificate to be generated.

  1. Do the hours come out of my 2018-19 CPE Bank or my 2019-2020 CPE Bank?

It depends on when you register for the course and your number of remaining 2018-19 hours. Assuming you have hours left, course hours registered before June 30 will come out of your 2018-19 bank. Any course registrations from July 1 and beyond (until June 30, 2020) will come out of your 2019-2020 bank.

  1. How long is each course?

It depends. Just like in-person or Livestream courses, each self-study course can vary in length, from 2 hours to 16 hours.

Didn’t answer your question? You can find more FAQs on Surgent’s website, or contact Surgent via email at or by telephone at 800.778.7436, Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. EST.