Purpose of the Board: The Board of Directors sets policy and direction and provides active leadership in securing financial and community support for the Children’s Trust of South Carolina.

Terms of Office: Board Members hold office for four-year staggered terms and may serve a maximum of eight years.

Board Member Job Description:

  • Supports the mission and purpose of Children’s Trust of SC.
  • Strives to become knowledgeable about child abuse prevention.
  • Acts as the fiduciary and guardian of the agency’s assets. Review the financial reports and approves the agency budget.
  • Hires and evaluate the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
  • Ensures adequate resources; actively participates in fundraising for the organization, including making an annual financial contribution.
  • Promotes the public image of Children’s Trust of SC.
  • Evaluate and monitors programs and services.
  • Assesses the performance of the Board of Directors.
  • Participate in ongoing planning to determine direction for future agency activities.
  • Prepares for and attends all Board meetings with attendance as outlined in Bylaws.
  • Actively participates on at least one committee.
  • Serves in positions of leadership and undertakes special assignments willingly.
  • Establishes and builds collegial working relationships with other board members that encourages dialogue and contributes to decision making for board and committee matters.

As a Member of the Board of Directors of Children’s Trust of SC, annually I agree to:

  1. Attend meetings as outlined below:
    1. A minimum of 75% of board meetings (including the board retreat);
    2. Initial board orientation; and
    3. At least one additional special activity or event in addition to the Strike Out Child Abuse event.
  2. Participate in securing necessary resources and other support for Children’s Trust:
    1. Attend or support in another way the (Strike Out Child Abuse) fund raising event;
    2. Provide an annual financial donation;
    3. Determine a minimum of three (3) additional ways to support fund development efforts each year; and
    4. Identify one individual to nominate as a volunteer committee member or potential board member.
  3. Serve on at least one committee and attend meetings as scheduled.
  4. Participate in a minimum of one external board training opportunity each year.
  5. Know the mission, purpose, goals, programs and services, and policies of Children’s Trust of SC.
  6. Avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest and disclose to the Board in a timely fashion any possible conflicts.
  7. Maintain the confidentiality of information such as personnel and contractual issues.