Board of Director Prospectus

Lions Vision Services exists to empower the under-served blind and visually impaired in South Carolina to live safe, meaningful, and fulfilling lives. Our vision is to create a vibrant community in which preventable blindness is eliminated, the blind and visually impaired have the resources necessary to live fulfilling lives, and public perception recognizes the potential and dignity of every blind and visually impaired person.

LVS is a statewide membership-based nonprofit corporation made up of all Lions who are members in good standing of Lions Clubs in good standing in Multiple District-32 (which encompasses the state of South Carolina, also known as MD 32). Through LVS, Lions and others who are committed to preventing blindness and empowering the blind and visually impaired conduct vision screenings, facilitate eye surgeries, provide vision technology and eyeglasses, and sponsor an annual fishing tournament for vulnerable and under-served demographics across South Carolina.

Board members are expected to attend Board meetings (4 each year – 3 held via Zoom, 1 held in person in Columbia in tandem with Orientation), Board Orientation, and the LVS Annual Meeting (held at the Lions Clubs State Convention); actively participate in Board discussion, committee work (conducted remotely with each committee meeting at least once in between quarterly Board meetings), and routine conversation with LVS staff; be willing to speak about LVS to individuals and groups in public and private settings; and to make LVS one of their top personal philanthropic priorities with financial support.

Key board skill sets: LVS currently needs additional board members with skills in: finance, fundraising, eye health, human resources, and the law. Preference should be given to individuals at companies who actively encourage employee volunteerism and who have a track record of sponsoring nonprofit organizations. We also need Lions Club members who meet these skill sets to maintain 51% of our Board as Lions Club members.

Diversity: LVS needs to expand its ethnic, geographic, economic, age, and gender diversity. Our board should reflect those we serve and should represent the geography of our state. We need to especially look at how to engage young professionals who represent and reflect ethnic minorities and women as key stakeholders and leaders in our work. Priority is given to candidates aged 30-50.

The board will work to achieve a composition that reflects our client base of approximately: 40% White, 30% Black, 20% Hispanic, and 10% other ethnic minorities; as well as 50% female, 50% male. Priority will be given to residents of Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Dillon, Marlboro, Spartanburg, Williamsburg, and York Counties. The regional distribution of counties utilized by the SC Council of Governments System will serve as the framework for maintaining balanced and strategic representation from across the state.

Passion: LVS needs board members who are passionate about serving the blind and visually impaired. We need visionaries. We need people who have the time to adequately commit to having a presence on our board including board, committee, and staff meetings.

Capacity: LVS needs individuals who have the personal, corporate, and/or network resources to help advance our fundraising efforts. We must increase our social, moral, intellectual, relational, and financial capital. While this criterion is intentionally listed last among our factors of consideration, it cannot be ignored. Our network must grow, and our funding must grow, to meet the increasing demands for our services. We must have passionate board members who can make a meaningful investment in this work and share our growth mindset.

 Please contact Lions Vision Services Executive Director, Daniel Prohaska at or 803-796-1305 for more information.