UPS Offers up to 40% Shipping Discount as SCACPA Member Benefit

UPS Offers up to 40% Shipping Discount as SCACPA Member Benefit

The South Carolina Association of CPAs would like to remind its Members of the many discounts on overnight shipping and services available from UPS as a Member Benefit.

SCACPA Members now have access to even better members-only discounts at up to 40% – plus get 50% off select services for up to four weeks after you enroll.

(Introductory Program discounts will be applied to accounts for Weeks 1-4 on the UPS Savings Program. Week 1 includes the date that discounts are applied. Weeks are calculated Sunday through Saturday.)

With the UPS one driver advantage, you receive same day pickup from one driver for all your shipments

Click here for a list of all the eligible UPS services available through the UPS Savings Program along with rate and conditions.

SCACPA members can also save up to 25% off online print orders, as well as savings that start at 75% on heavyweight shipments with UPS Freight.

Visit for specific services and discounts, and learn more facts about UPS’s Overnight Delivery services here.

Contact 1.800.MEMBERS (1.800.636.2377, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. ET) to receive your member savings, set up an account or get a rate comparison.

Find your nearest UPS location here.

Don’t keep your clients waiting. Get the speed you need for urgent overnight documents, when and where you need it. Enroll now!

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