The SCACPA staff hopes that all members have been enjoying an improved CPE experience since the Association’s transition in 2018 to All-Inclusive Membership.

As calendar year 2018 closes, we understand that many members likely have used most – if not all – of the 40 hours contained in the CPE Bank.

That’s why we’d like to share some reminders about the CPE Bank so you can continue to make the most of it in the future, as well  as tell you important information about renewing for the 2019-20 membership year.


Every SCACPA Member will get a new 40-hour Bank upon renewing your membership for the July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020 membership year.

Renewal notices will be mailed in May. Once we receive your dues payment, your 40 hours are restored, and you are free to begin registering for SCACPA CPE classes, even if it is before the July 1 start of the new membership year.

Our CPE calendar for 2019-20 (including our Spring Splash itinerary for May 16-17) is almost complete and will be posted as soon as possible.

REMINDER: For Membership Renewals, the CPE Bank Does Not Grant Credit for Rollover  HoursUpon every July 1, the first date of each SCACPA Membership year, CPE Banks are reset to 40 hours, regardless of how many hours remain or were unused or credited back to the account from the previous Membership year.

REMINDER: SCACPA’s All-Inclusive annual membership dues are $799 SCACPA members paid a dues renewal rate of $700 in 2018 because every local Chapter contributed a $99 discount as a one-time only introductory rate for the All-Inclusive Membership package. Having heard the feedback of members like you, the All-Inclusive dues have given our members more options, better options and better content. We look forward to giving you this level of service and more moving forward at the $799 annual membership price.


If you’ve taken a class via SCACPA’s livestream, you know the convenience of being able to watch and listen to our expert instructors’ presentations at home, in the office, or anywhere you please.

We want to make you aware that you are also free to audit a livestream class (or rebroadcast) whenever you like. Registration for livestream is only required to acquire CPE credit.

To audit a class, there’s no sign-up or fee involved. Simply pull up the SCACPA livestream player at anytime a course is in session.

It’s a great way to expand the scope of your knowledge. You can read here  about the experience of SCACPA Member Sheri Saunders, CPA, of Spartanburg, as she keeps livestream courses  playing throughout her workday at her family firm.

“The variety of the livestream listening while I work lets me catch things that are of interest to me – even though I might not want a full eight hours of a subject,” Saunders said. “I pick my classes by topic, but I love the classes that cover multiple fields with different instructors during the day to keep my attention and get a variety of information.”

While auditing a session on the SCACPA Classroom page, you can still access links for materials and join the discussion with our live chat.


The SCACPA CPE course schedule is constructed by CPAs, for CPAs. As our Committee of 16 builds out our schedule for 2019-20, this is the best time for your input as to the courses you’d like to see us offer.

More importantly, we want your thoughts regarding speakers who have the experience and talent for the best possible learning experience. Now is the time to email your suggestions to

Thank you for your support of SCACPA, and we look forward to continuing to deliver the best possible CPE experience for South Carolina CPAs.