When it comes to advocating with state and federal legislators on laws and policies that affect CPAs, SCACPA works hard for you year after year. Topics such as tax reform, conformity and disaster relief hinge on how our elected officials take action.

A large factor in your success as a CPA is an understanding of the legislative process. We predict that 2019 will be a monumental year at the State House with many major initiatives at stake that can affect how you do business for years to come.

The SCACPA Advocacy Team wants to increase its power in delivering wins to the CPA community, but it needs your help. The Association is looking to strategically communicate with the decision-makers who our Members know and work with.

To effectively create a volunteer network of Members who want to be involved, we need to find key messengers and relationships we would never have known about otherwise.

Starting this January, the SCACPA Advocacy Team will be looking to create volunteer activities that best suit the interests and talents of our Members. This will allow us to target all our efforts in the most impactful ways possible.

It begins with the RAP Index survey. This group specializes in helping state associations and nonprofits get the most out of their advocacy relationships with legislators.

To launch this initiative in early January, we will email an online survey to all our members. Here are some examples of questions we’re interested in asking:

  • What social/professional relationships do you have with legislators and policy influencers?
  • How involved are you with your local SCACPA Chapter or the AICPA?
  • How knowledgeable are you when it comes to SCACPA’s advocacy efforts?
  • Do you typically donate to political campaigns?
  • Are you willing to write newspaper editorials or letters to your elected officials?
  • What media sources do you follow to keep up on current events?

For more information on the work performed by the RAP Team, go to: http://www.rapindex.com/.

SCACPA thanks you in advance for your assistance in making our Association stronger. We appreciate your support as SCACPA protects and promotes the CPA credential throughout South Carolina.