More than Just the Basics

The South Carolina Association of CPAs (SCACPA) will offer a large array of federal business and individual tax courses, both intermediate and advanced, as well as South Carolina Specific Tax Courses.

The 2019-2020 line up is designed exclusively for experienced tax preparers and allows CPAs the opportunity to pick and choose the courses they need to be successful this coming tax season.

At SCACPA, we realize that when it comes to tax, one size does not fit all, which is why we’ve added courses that cover just the basics and courses that concentrate on advanced technical problems in compliance, planning ideas and cover recent case rulings.

Consider these points when comparing the SCACPA Tax CPE with the “One Size Fits All” programs offered elsewhere:

  • Those types of programs were acceptable 30 years ago when books were printed for all attendees, the presenters used an overhead projector and there were payphones in the lobby so you could call the office at break times.
  • The itinerary was the same for everyone! If you had any experience as a practitioner, at least half the topics were presented at a basic level and repeats of prior-year material.

Intermediate Courses

Business Tax Update (4 hours) (SMTX16, LITX16)
This course is essential for the tax practitioner who wants to update their knowledge of business income taxation. This course will provide a comprehensive review of business income tax complexities. Updates for tax legislation will be incorporated into the course, and many important topics that impact clients in these difficult times will be discussed during the lecture

Individual Tax Update (4 hours) (SMTX17, LITX17)
Are you a tax practitioner who wants to update your knowledge of individual income taxation? Then this course is for you. Here you will get a comprehensive review of Form 1040 complexities. We’ll also cover any changes in tax legislation passed and any important new topics that impact your clients.

South Carolina Tax Update (4 hours) (SMTX15, LITX15, SMTX 19, SMTX21, SMTX 29, SMTX 31, SMTX33)
What has the legislature done? What happened with sales tax on e-tailers? What are the current Department of Revenue initiatives? How can CPAs and The Department of Revenue collaborate to serve the taxpayers of South Carolina? Answers will be provided from legislation, regulations, rulings, cases, Department of Revenue Policy and the presenter’s personal experience.

Advanced Courses

Advanced Business and Individual Tax Issues – Planning and Compliance (8 hours) (SMTX34, LITX34)
It’s a tight fit, but the Tax Team members say they can do it. All the most important federal tax developments of the year in one 8-hour program. New Code sections, new Treasury Regulations, Revenue Rulings, Notices, Revenue Procedures–all of these and their effects on your tax clients explained. This is a CPE program designed for the experienced tax practitioner.

Advanced Business Tax Issue – Last Minute Planning and Compliance (8 hours) (SMTX25, LITX 25)
It’s Strictly Business. This presentation concentrates on federal tax developments, including the effect of new tax laws on businesses of all kinds: Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs and even Sole Proprietorships reporting on Form 1040 Schedule C. Code Sections 163(j), 199A, and 461(l)(1)(B), will all affect 2019 tax liabilities and 2020 tax planning. The team will add over 50 relevant cases and rulings and make time for questions and discussion.

Advanced Business Tax Planning and Current Developments for Tax Specialist (8 hours) (SMTX22, LITX22)
Most strategies for reducing federal income tax liabilities require analysis, fact gathering, comparisons of alternatives, and projections of possible results. All of that takes time and is best done in the summer and fall before year-end pressures overwhelm your available time. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 added real tax saving opportunities for owner-managed businesses but determining which ones might benefit your client requires prior year analysis and projection for future years.

Advanced Issues for 2019 Individual Return Preparation – Tax Team (8 hours) (SMTX35)
Last chance before tax season to catch up on developments in the tax law likely to affect compliance for 2019 and planning for 2020. Lynn Nichols and Mike Tucker head up the Tax Team for this update that concentrates on significant developments that might affect preparation of a 2019 Form 1040 or the advice you give a client with complex affairs or a unique transaction in 2020.

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