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Surgent’s Microsoftr PowerPointr 2016: Getting Started (PP16) (SSTE04/19)

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This course guides you through creating and opening PowerPoint presentations; inserting, reorganizing, and deleting slides; applying a design theme and switching between different PowerPoint views. You learn how to insert various types of content on slides, such as bulleted lists, tables, charts, shapes, pictures, SmartArt graphics and sound clips; how run a slide show and how to preview and print audience handouts; how to add animation and transition effects to slides; how to create a custom design theme and a custom template, which you use to create a new presentation; how to integrate Excel workbook data and charts in a presentation using copy and paste; how to add footer text, a date and slide numbers to slides; how to run a full-screen slide show using slide show controls; and how to run a slide show in Presenter view. Note that this course emphasizes using traditional keyboard and mouse actions to perform tasks in PowerPoint and Excel 2016. Some relevant tips for working with PowerPoint 2016 with a Windows 10 touch-screen device are also provided.