Name: Alanna Hill
Hometown: Wilmington, DE
School: Coastal Carolina University
Major: Accounting
Projected Graduation Date: Fall 2019 

SCACPA caught up with Coastal Carolina SCACPA student member Alanna Hill to see what inspired her to pursue a career in Accounting and what she enjoys most about her SCACPA membership. 

What is your major and what are your career plans? 

Upon graduating with a degree in Accounting, I plan to actively pursue a graduate internship opportunity in Malvern, PA. I hope to gain professional experience, to be qualified to pursue a career in Auditing. I plan to eventually get my MBA in Accounting, and in five years have my CPA and work in corporate America.   

What led you to pursue a degree in Accounting? 

The inspiration into pursuing a career in accounting arose my senior year of high school. I took class called “Keys to Financial Success” that made a lasting impression on me. Being able to understand and make smart financial decisions is something I wanted to not only educate myself on, but others as well. It is something that can make people’s lives much easier if done right, and I would love to assist in that.  

Tell me about when and why you joined SCACPA? How did you hear about us? 

I decided to join SCACPA my sophomore year of college. As a business student, myself and many of my peers are always looking for opportunities to expand our network, prepare for the CPA exam, and get potential scholarships towards our education. In joining SCACPA as a student member, you get all three which automatically gives you a leg up in your journey in becoming an accounting professional. 

How has your SCACPA membership been beneficial to you in reaching your goals?  

Personally, the biggest benefit SCACPA has been the networking with other accounting professionals as well as students, and also the amazing discounts offered towards exam materials that are required for my Accounting courses. I get to not only connect with established and rising Accountants, but also save some money.    

What would you say to your fellow accounting students to encourage them to join SCACPA? 

I would encourage students to join SCACPA because it’s free, but also because of the benefits that go along with it. There are so many great scholarship opportunities, networking opportunities, discounts CPA exam prep materials, and amazing events. You never know when an amazing opportunity will come your way, and it could be from joining SCACPA!