Your voice is influential. In your roles in your community as an employee, voter and volunteer, CPAs are seen as trusted advisors.

As part of SCACPA’s mission to be heard in public policy discussions, it’s important to accurately gauge the reach of our networks. That’s why we want to understand how our members relate with elected officials. It is critical that the Association build advocacy programs that advance our positions on the issues that impact South Carolina CPAs.

Through this brief survey, you will also help us identify the stakeholders within your network and the level of advocacy you are willing to undertake. You can also let us know about the issues important to you.

There are no right or wrong answers, we simply ask for your honest feedback. Some questions will ask if you personally know certain elected officials, but do not feel as though you are expected to – most people don’t!

The survey will take very little of your time, but your participation will make a tremendous difference. You can begin the survey at this link:

SCACPA Survey Link

Or go directly to

Here are examples of the questions:

  • What social/professional relationships do you have with legislators and policy influencers?
  • How involved are you with your local SCACPA Chapter or the AICPA?
  • How knowledgeable are you when it comes to SCACPA’s advocacy efforts?
  • Do you typically donate to political campaigns?
  • Are you willing to write newspaper editorials or letters to your elected officials?
  • What media sources do you follow to keep up on current events?

Please complete this survey by Friday, Jan. 18, so the SCACPA Advocacy Team can put these results into actions as soon as possible.

Should you have problems accessing or completing this survey, please contact or 1.877.4ASK.RAP (427.5727) for support.

Thank you for your time and participation, and thank you for supporting SCACPA’s advocacy efforts.

For more information on the work performed by the RAP Team, go to: