Since the beginning of this legislative session, SCACPA successfully took steps forward regarding Senate Bill 812. This bill updates Chapter 2, Title 40 of the 1976 code. Its passage would remove several roadblocks to practice in SC and clarify certain areas for licensees and the public.

The Legislative Process requires time, patience, and careful consideration. Here’s a timeline of how S812 has progressed this legislative session:

David Knoble, CPA, Vice Chair of the Gov. Affairs Committee, and Chris Jenkins, SCACPA CEO, reflect on a successful morning at the State House.

  • During the week of February 1, SCACPA representatives met with Senator Wes Climer (R), who chairs the Occupations and Professional License subcommittee. SCACPA representatives also met with Senator Tom Davis’s (R) staff. Senator Davis chairs the Labor, Commerce, and Industry committee. His team spent several hours with SCACPA reviewing the bill in detail, adding contributions for the final draft.
  • February 16: SCACPA representatives met with the totality of the Occupations and Professional License subcommittee. The subcommittee accepted the bill, advancing it to the Senate Labor, Commerce, and Industry Committee.
  • February 24: The LCI Committee accepted the bill. With this acceptance, S812 moved to the full Senate for consideration. We thank the members of this committee for their interest and support of this bill.
  • March 17: The bill had a third reading in the Senate and has been sent to the House of Representatives.
  • March 29: The bill received its first reading in the House and was referred to the House Labor, Commerce, and Industry Committee.
  • April 26: The Business & Commerce subcommittee reviewed and accepted the bill, advancing it to the House LCI Committee.
  • April 28: The House LCI Committee found the bill favorable, advancing it to the full House. We thank the members of this committee for their interest and support of this bill.
  • May 5: The bill had its third reading in the House of Representatives.
  • May 16: Governor Henry McMaster signed the bill into law.

SCACPA is incredibly grateful for the support received. Now we move into an implementation period where SCACPA will work with various groups to operationalize the new law.

Credits & Gratitude

No entity is an island, and that has certainly proven true throughout this process. So many individuals and organizations helped shape this legislation. Upon passage, this will be a huge win for all – CPAs, the business community, and SC citizens who rely on CPAs.

In the development of this bill, SCACPA conferred with several organizations and groups for counsel and feedback. We sought information from NASBA and the AICPA to ensure the bill aligns with the Uniform Accountancy Act.

Several educators provided input as the bill has an impact on the education requirements as they relate to substantial equivalency, mobility, and reciprocity. Additionally, SCACPA conferred with the South Carolina Society of Accountants and The Accounting Coalition.

SCACPA thanks the SC Board of Accountancy for its insight, feedback, and support. Our partners at Copper Dome Strategies are an integral part of our Advocacy and lobbying efforts.

Last but absolutely not least, without the passion and dedication of our volunteers, we would not be where we are. Their commitment to advancing this bill and enhancing the CPA profession in South Carolina is to be applauded. Thank you to our Legislator Connections Community, Governmental Affairs Committee, and Political Action Committee.