Social media is a part of our everyday lives these days, and we’re thankful you choose to look to SCACPA’s social media for updates within the Association and news from around the profession. Here’s a quick look at what you’ve been clicking on in April and May.


Most of our engagement from the last quarter came from Spring Splash photos and updates that were posted in real time during the conference. Photos were clicked on an average of 174 each day over the two-day conference, and videos were watched an average of 21.5 times. Interestingly, photo views and what Facebook calls “other clicks” have the same daily average at 15.

Weekly throughout the quarter, people clicked on post links and “other clicks” an average of 27 times, viewed photos 109 times, and watched videos 108 times.

  • An average of 272 unique users (people saw our posts) saw Spring Splash updates at least once
  • An average of 104 unique users saw Spring Splash updates at least twice
  • An average of 5 unique users saw Spring Splash updates at least 21 times

Compare that to the daily average rate from April 15-May 30, when an average of 87 unique users saw updates at least once.

The number of times your Page’s posts entered a person’s screen. Posts include statuses, photos, links, videos and more. Note that these people might Like or Follow the page, meaning we are reaching more than just the people who like us.


Spring Splash once again took center stage. Our hottest post on LinkedIn had 481 impressions and 278 link clicks with photos of the Lowcountry Luau.

That was followed by a membership campaign post that asks, “What is the future of the profession worth to you?” with 390 impressions and 10 link clicks.


Students and scholarships were all the rage in the SCACPA Twitterverse. Topping off at 1,272 impressions, the top tweet was an announcement on SCACPA’s scholarship deadline. Good luck to all who submitted on time!

An announcement on the three South Carolina CPA Candidates who earned the Sells Award for excellence on the CPE Exam came in at a close second with 1,145 impressions.

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Thank you for staying connected with SCACPA!