No CPA is looking forward to the long hours and deadline pressure of Tax Season. The ability to recharge and refresh is at a premium.

And while there are plenty of “Stress Relief Tips for Tax Season” on the internet, are any of them giving you any ideas you hadn’t already thought of?

That’s what separates SCACPA’s Tax Season Stress Relief Tips from the rest. We’ve taken the usual stress relief tips but framed them as a series of Do’s and Don’ts, so everyone knows where to draw the line.

So if you’re a CPA reading this during tax season, take a deep breath, relax, see if this advice could be useful for any colleagues you know … and then get back to work!

And click here for our first three SCACPA Do’s and Don’ts of Tax Season Stress Relief Tips.

DO set aside a block of family time when you come home …

… but DON’T ask your family members or pets to run some numbers.

DO meditate by tuning out your co-workers for a few minutes of quiet time …

… but DON’T meditate by binge-watching “Game of Thrones” for an entire Wednesday.

DO give yourself an incentive to take a vacation by booking one in advance of April …

… but DON’T blow through your anticipated tax refund at a riverboat casino during the March Madness opening weekend.