SCACPA wants to thank all our members, firms and Chapters for all the community events across the state that went into October’s Month of Service.

So far, we have raised more than $6,000 toward the creation of an H. McRoy Skipper Jr. Scholarship. However, it requires a $10,000 minimum to secure a named scholarship, and it is our goal to reach that amount by the time of the Friday luncheon of the Fall Fest Accounting Conference on Nov. 16.

Meanwhile, to recognize the many hours and all the hard work that went into this, SCACPA is accepting nominations for our first Community Connected Engagement Awards.

We’re eager to read your description of your philanthropic endeavors and announce three winners:

  • Large-Firm Engagement
  • Small-Firm Engagement
  • Difference-Maker of Distinction

Please email your nomination – which can be on behalf of others or for yourself/your group – to Make sure to describe what activity was performed, the beneficiary, a date and location (if applicable), and include any photos taken during the event.

The deadline for nominations is Friday, Nov. 9. We will announce the winners during Thanksgiving week.

Community involvement is critical to making South Carolina better for individuals and businesses. SCACPA is a strong and vibrant community thanks to your hard work. Thank you for your efforts within South Carolina to make the CPA profession well-known and well-respected.

Let’s always come together as a generous community of leaders and support our state. Remember, you can make a difference in your community and a difference for those around you. Let’s get involved and share our success stories.

Check out what our Chapters did for their Month of Service projects on SCACPA’s social media pages or at