The South Carolina Association of CPAs is letting our members know that we are directing our resources toward navigating solutions regarding statewide notifications that affect South Carolina CPAs.

The three main areas where we have been hearing your many comments and concerns are:

  • The educational requirements to earn a CPA license in South Carolina (read the BOA’s education policy on accepting college credits here)
  • The steps required to designate a successor with a Practice Continuation Agreement for your annual firm renewal (read what SCACPA has written about those requirements here)
  • The South Carolina Board of Accountancy’s proposed regulations to amend the state code that were released Oct. 26 (read the entire list of the BOA’s proposed regulations to the State Code here)

SCACPA is addressing these issues with key decision-makers at the Board of Accountancy and other agencies. Our purpose in these discussions is to gain the BOA’s guidance in finding correct procedures, especially as to how we interpret the ways various policies align with the State Code.

SCACPA is aware that many sweeping changes are being proposed. Change is a constant in the CPA profession, but SCACPA is attempting to manage those changes across multiple stakeholders in a way that is clear, responsible and not burdensome.

There will be many discussions on what these changes mean to South Carolina CPAs, and we’ve already heard from a lot of you. We are alerting you to these conversations now so you can know SCACPA is aware of the proposals that are out there, and we are taking steps to encourage changes that are beneficial to the profession. SCACPA is the only organization that conducts advocacy on behalf of South Carolina CPAs, and an essential part of that responsibility is that we hear from you.

You can stay informed on these matters as we regularly post updates on the SCACPA blog ( and share breaking news on our social media feeds.

If you have thoughts or opinions on any or all of these matters, feel free to get in touch with SCACPA CEO Chris Jenkins at 803.791.4181 or or Ken Newhouse, CPA, SCACPA Treasurer and Chair of our Governmental Affairs Committee at