• ENROLLMENT IS OPEN for Virtual Fall Fest 2020 on Nov. 12-13! We are delivering two days of Tax and A&A tracks via our newly revamped SCACPA Classroom. Go to our Virtual Fall Fest landing page to see all our courses and options. This will be SCACPA’s biggest networking event of the year, so enroll today!
  • We’ve also got you covered all September and October for the Fall Fest learning tracks of Business and Industry, Government, Nonprofit and Variety. These courses begin Sept. 22, so check them out and register now! SCACPA is committed to keeping you informed and up-to-date on your learning even in the midst of work-from-a-distance measures. We are recording our speakers in advance as they deliver the content of all these sessions, and those courses will be offered online with the speaker monitoring discussion on the topic in a timely manner.
  • Before you register, meet the Most Wanted Speakers of Virtual Fall Fest 2020.
  • As of Sept. 1, SCACPA has suspended the memberships of individuals who have not renewed their dues. These members no longer can utilize their 40-Hour CPE Bank to enroll in our courses or receive member discounts for classes. Termination of memberships for Suspended accounts will occur Oct. 1. To remove a “Suspended Member” status, dues must be renewed via phone call and are subject to a $25 late fee. Don’t risk an interruption of the benefits and services that help you offer the most for your clients! The SCACPA staff is standing by at 803.791.4181.
  • October Month of Service is almost here. SCACPA is looking for new ways to help our communities during these times of social distancing. We’re hoping you have innovative ideas on how the SCACPA community can safely and effectively make a difference for those in need. Thank you in advance for your upcoming contributions that will demonstrate that CPAs are trusted neighbors for those in need.


  • The SC Board of Accountancy sent an email on Sept.11 regarding COVID-related modifications to CPE in 2020. SCACPA applauds the Board of Accountancy in understanding the specific needs of South Carolina CPAs. The BOA’s announcement includes a reminder and link regarding new Board of Accountancy regulations that became effective June 26. Learn more via SCACPA’s bulletin on the announcement.
  • The Governmental Affairs Committee met in August and continues its efforts to achieve Federal Tax Conformity while also bracing for required changes spawned by COVID relief packages. We’re maintaining our relationship with regulatory bodies and continue to communicate the impact we see with the Board of Accountancy, SC DOR, and DEW.
  • As we ride out South Carolina’s hurricane season, the South Carolina Department of Revenue is offering “Tax Tips for Emergency Preparedness: Securing Your Tax Records.” In addition, SCACPA is helping you be prepared with our Disaster Readiness page to bring you updates when necessary.
  • SCACPA is preparing again for another round of the RAP Index Survey, which is an important tool that helps us grow our advocacy programs and advance our positions on the issues that impact South Carolina CPAs. Your voice is influential in your community as an employee, voter and volunteer, and you can let us know about the issues important to you. You will also help us identify the stakeholders within your network and the level of advocacy you are willing to undertake.
  • SCACPA is the only organization that protects and promotes the CPA profession in the state. SCACPA thanks you for your dedication to the profession and support of the Association now more than ever. We anticipate this will continue to be an active year with local, state and federal legislators, and our benefits of advocacy are waiting for you.


  • SCACPA has announced a partnership with the Greater Washington (DC) Society of CPAs to bring you livestream CPE. You can register now for the 2020 Government Contracting Virtual Conference (LIAA41) on Sept. 23-24 (11 credit hours) as well as the Nonprofit Symposium (LIAA40) from Dec. 14-16 (24 credit hours).
  • Postcards listing SCACPA’s entire October CPE schedule are being printed, look for them in your mailbox shortly.
  • Stay tuned to SCACPA social media, our blog and as we deliver “just-in-time” learning on breaking news topics. Our CPE planning committee continues to evaluate possibilities while COVID-19 places significant restrictions on live CPE programming. The Committee of 16 is committed to bringing you the highest quality offerings in the most convenient, effective, and safe manner possible. We are still working on building additional courses for “just in time” education. Thank you to all who have renewed your dues and are able to take advantage with your 40-hour CPE Bank. If you have an idea about how we can make your membership more valuable, please let us know.
  • SCACPA is an IRS-approved provider for our tax CPE classes. With your 40-hour CPE Bank for 2020-21, it’s easy to take advantage of learning and knowledge opportunities.
  • SCACPA is proud to introduce the “Accountable” podcast for CFOs, from David Peters, CPA, MST, who is the Association’s advisor and speaker on B&I topics. In this installment, he interviews Winthrop University associate professor of accounting Toni Berbrick, CPA, as she explains why cybersecurity is a CFO problem.
  • The Federal Tax Update with Lynn Nichols is back! Catch up every week with this video blog from SCACPA’s advisor and speaker on federal tax topics.


  • The SCACPA Communications Team has unveiled a new look and format to your weekly Thursday morning Current Assets e-newsletter. You still get the latest Association news that keeps you updated about our events and initiatives. Here’s the best part: Because the news headlines will be generated through artificial intelligence developed by our newsletter partner, the algorithm keeps track of what headlines are attracting your interest when you click. Every week, as the A.I. learns your preferences, it offers you more trending topics from around the state and the profession that match your interests. The more you click, the more tailored your experience!
  • The future of online security and trust for the profession is arriving with the rollout of the domain of .cpa for CPA firm websites. It will be a mark of distinction when you can brand your website and email addresses with “.cpa.” Registration for .cpa addresses is underway, claim your address right from the start!
  • We are wrapping up production of the Q3 issue of the Association’s South Carolina CPA Report magazine. You can still check out the Q2 issue with this PDF.
  • Stay informed with SCACPA Happenings, especially as we start planning for Virtual Fall Fest 2020 on Nov. 12-13!
  • SCACPA Social Media is important for you to get the most out of membership! Don’t forget to follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) for quick, real-time updates. We steadily share breaking news on social media, so please give us a Like and Follow!


  • Did you know that with SCACPA Connect you can review and respond to items in a daily digest email? Pick the time of day you would like to receive a notification that summarizes posts that occurred in the community. You can modify your notification settings to immediate, daily, weekly. However, we ask that you allow the “daily digest” emails at first to familiarize yourself, as well as facilitate and generate some timely discussion.
  • Want to get involved with SCACPA’s online discussion portal? It’s easy to get started when you visit our new platform page for SCACPA Connect. It tells you how to follow the steps to start growing your professional network today.
  • We are indebted to everyone who responded to our 2020 Membership Survey. We received a total of 766 responses, with 491 coming from members and 275 from non-members. Take a look at what the survey respondents are telling us about the strengths we have today. Here are some thoughts you told us:
    • Nearly 71% of respondents are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with SCACPA’s level of service
    • 80% of respondents said SCACPA membership adds to their professional development
    • The majority of respondents say the investment value is “fair” or “more than fair.” Nearly one-fifth of respondents said they got more value back than what they invested in monetarily with SCACPA membership


  • The South Carolina Association of CPAs Educational Fund Trustees awarded $64,500 to 43 exceptional students who plan to pursue careers in accounting. The scholarship recipients represent 16 South Carolina colleges and universities. Best of luck to all our hard-working SCACPA Student Members, you are the future of the profession!

Member Benefit Spotlight

  • Have you checked out the COVID-19 tools provided by SCACPA partner Paychex? Their HR white paper eBook “What to Consider as Businesses Re-Open” can help you identify what to plan for, with details about staffing considerations, workplace safety and privacy considerations and supporting employees as they return to work. They also have a breakdown of state-by-state guidance. Stay informed via the Paychex Twitter feed.
  • Maximize your office with SCACPA! With SCACPA’s Office Depot/OfficeMax member benefit, you can now text and receive your In-Store Purchasing Card directly to your phone so you can take your savings with you. Text SCACPASAVES to 555-888 now to download your free mobile In-Store Purchasing Card! Your SCACPA member discounts saves you up to 75% off on our Best Value List of preferred products. Visit for details and start saving today!
  • SCACPA has introduced many new benefits including group health insurance, auto and home insurance, long-term care and pet health insurance. Visit for more details.