• DUES RENEWAL IS OPEN for our 2020-21 membership year. We look forward to your reaffirmation of your commitment to the CPA credential and elevating the profession to serve South Carolina individuals and businesses. Your membership fortifies SCACPA’s ability to vocalize your needs and protect your interests through our legislative efforts. Also, SCACPA has introduced many new benefits including group health insurance, auto and home insurance, long-term care and pet health insurance. The best is yet to come!
  • SCACPA is offering more CPE classes in May and June than at any time in our history. If you’ve already used all your 2019-20 CPE Bank, you can start registering for our May and June courses once we renew by tapping your 2020-21 CPE Bank.
  • Be on the lookout for a Membership Survey to be emailed to you this month.
  • SCACPA’s Virtual Spring Splash is NEXT WEEK, and already more than 100 of you are pre-registered. The SCACPA staff is dedicated to delivering to you via livestream on May 14-15 the full CPE tracks of Tax and A&A that we had planned to host at the in-person Spring Splash. You can earn 16 hours of credit by selecting either the Tax or A&A track or choose a mix of sessions based on your specific needs.
  • Also: If you only want a few of the Virtual Spring Splash sessions, you can choose them individually.
  • Yes, for the first time in SCACPA history, we will be offering two livestream classes concurrently to give you the most variety and options possible. All Tax track courses will be in the original SCACPA Classroom, while we have specially built an additional SCACPA Classroom Two for A&A courses. If you are alternating between Tax and A&A courses, make sure to keep track of which page you’re supposed to be in. And don’t forget to refresh your browser between sessions, as we will be reloading the pages for each new delivery.
  • SCACPA’s Annual Member Meeting will be held via livestream (MEABMLI) on Monday, May 18 (noon-1:00 p.m). All members are invited for this free event. Attendees will vote on the new slate of board members and officers, review the Association’s annual budget and hear reports on SCACPA’s activities and more.
  • Throughout May and June, we will feature an incredible selection of CPE, including our planned in-person Spring Splash tracks of Government, Nonprofit, Ethics and Variety. Go beyond Virtual Spring Splash with these additional livestream selections, as we bring you 43 online courses for 86 hours of learning. SCACPA is committed to delivering livestream CPE to you at your location.
  • SCACPA thanks you for your dedication to the profession and support of the Association now more than ever. Our COVID-19 Response and Resources hub page can be found at The page is continually updating with links to news as it becomes available, along with links to resources such as webinar dates and IRS FAQ pages.
  • Thank you for your incredible support as we continue to develop ways to get you the information you need as quickly and easily as possible.


  • SCACPA’s online interview with South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce Chief Administrative Officer Jamie Suber regarding your questions about online filing has surpassed 2,200 views on YouTube. Continue to post your comments and follow-up questions on SCACPA Connect, and we will work to get you answers.
  • SCACPA is the only organization in the state the protects and promotes the CPA profession. We’re promoting our #WhyCPA campaign to spread awareness about the differences between an accountant and a CPA, and why choosing a CPA is a smart long-term financial decision. We know choosing a CPA is the right decision, don’t you?
  • Thank you to SCACPA members who have acted as Key Contact Persons in delivering CPA-PAC checks to legislators for their campaign funds. SCACPA has one of the strongest grassroots networks in South Carolina, and the CPA-PAC is an important part of that effort. The profession has celebrated a long list of legislative victories, but none of those successes are accomplished without legislators who listen to and support our positions. Stay tuned to SCACPA communications for updates on our future advocacy activities.


  • SCACPA is an IRS-approved provider for our tax CPE classes. Watch for more announcements and updates as we enter the 2020-21 CPE season starting July 1 with the new membership year.
  • If you’ve taken a class via SCACPA’s livestream, you know the convenience of being able to watch and listen to our expert instructors’ presentations at home, in the office, or anywhere you please. We want to make you aware that you are also free to audit a livestream class (or rebroadcast) whenever you like. It’s a great way to expand the scope of your knowledge. To audit a class, there’s no sign-up or fee involved. Simply pull up the SCACPA livestream player at anytime a course is in session. You can read here about the experience of SCACPA Member Sheri Saunders, CPA, of Spartanburg, as she keeps livestream courses playing throughout her workday at her family firm. While auditing a session on the SCACPA Classroom page, you can still access links for materials and join the discussion with our live chat. Registration for livestream is only required to acquire CPE credit.
  • SCACPA’s CPE Committee of 16 met (via online conferencing) to put the finishing touches on the 2020-21 CPE schedule, which will be unveiled leading up to our membership renewal period in May.
  • SCACPA CEO Chris Jenkins is the host of #TechTuesday, a weekly technology update posted to our YouTube channel. Check out 11 Excel spreadsheet tutorials here and remember to subscribe!


  • SCACPA Social Media is important for you to get the most out of membership! Don’t forget to follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) for quick, real-time updates. We share the latest breaking news on social media first, so go ahead and give us a Like and Follow!
  • Your weekly Current Assets e-newsletter is delivered to your inbox every Thursday morning to bring you the latest news in Association activities and events. If it’s been a while since you’ve read it, make sure to check your spam folder.
  • The first quarter issue of South Carolina CPA Report magazine is available to view online. It features the many updates on our continuing #WhyCPA campaign as well as tips on how you can profit from updating your firm operations guide. Many thanks to the team at Professional Printers for making this happen.


  • SCACPA is updating your website login information with easier secure access option. To help you better access the SCACPA website and your membership benefits, we updated several features to provide you a more seamless online experience. If you haven’t done so already, learn how your login information has been updated. As a bonus, we know that managing usernames and passwords for all your online accounts can be a challenge, so we also developed a secure way for you to log in without a password! If that is your preference, our system will email you a temporary link. Use that link to easily log in to the website and stay logged in for 90 days. This new experience streamlines your ability to register for CPE, participate in SCACPA Connect, renew your membership, and much more.
  • Make the most of the Association’s online open forum community SCACPA Connect. This member benefit allows us to talk to one another and offer support, which we need now more than ever. Read about how to log in and start a conversation All we ask is that everyone abide by some simple rules of SCACPA Connect etiquette.


  • STUDENT MEMBERS: SCACPA SCHOLARSHIP SEASON IS OPEN. Did you know SCACPA awarded more than $40,000 in student scholarships last year? Awards are intended for juniors, seniors and graduate students, and amounts can range from $500 to $2,500. Apply today!
  • The GAP Committee (Growing the Accounting Profession) plans to teleconference on Wednesday, where they will discuss the challenges college students will face as campuses decide how they will hold classes in the fall.

Member Benefit Spotlight

  • SCACPA is proud to announce its newest member benefit: group health insurance for CPA firms. You can visit for more details.
  • With SCACPA’s Office Depot/OfficeMax member benefit, you can now text and receive your In-Store Purchasing Card directly to your phone so you can take your savings with you! Text SCACPASAVES to 555-888 now to download your free mobile In-Store Purchasing Card! Your SCACPA member discounts saves you up to 75% off on our Best Value List of preferred products. Visit  for details and start saving today!