• We are excited that more than 80% of our members have renewed their All-Inclusive Membership for 2020-21, and we continue to receive renewals every day. But we also understand that your circumstances might not have allowed you to keep up with SCACPA’s renewal deadlines. Based on member feedback and the extended tax season, we’re extending our “late payment” deadline fee of $25 until Monday, August 31. Visit and don’t risk an interruption of the services and benefits that help you offer the most value for your clients.
  • Don’t let your membership expire! When you’re ready to renew your SCACPA membership for 2020-21, the SCACPA staff is standing by to take your call and help at 803.791.4181. Thank you for fortifying the profession and serving the South Carolina individuals and businesses that count on you.
  • Hurricane Isaias is South Carolina’s introduction to the 2020 hurricane season. SCACPA is helping you be prepared with our Disaster Readiness page to bring you updates when necessary. Be sure you review South Carolina’s 2020 Hurricane Guide, it is updated with precautions to remember should evacuations become necessary amid COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Thank you to everyone who responded to our 2020 Membership Survey. We received a total of 766 responses, with 491 coming from members and 275 from non-members. Take a look at what the survey respondents are telling us about the strengths we have today. Your incredible support helps us to develop the best ways to get you the information you need as quickly and easily as possible. You also told us:
    • 80% of respondents said SCACPA membership adds to their professional development
    • Nearly 71% of respondents are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with SCACPA’s level of service
    • The majority of respondents say the investment value is “fair” or “more than fair.” Nearly one-fifth of respondents said they got more value back than what they invested in monetarily with SCACPA membership
  • The weekly Federal Tax Update podcast by Lynn Nichols is back! Catch up with SCACPA’s advisor and speaker on federal tax topics such as capital loss vs. ordinary loss as well as the Individual Foreign Tax Credit.
  • South Carolina’s annual 72-hour Sales Tax Holiday is this Friday, Aug. 7 through Sunday, Aug. 9. The South Carolina Department of Revenue reminds shoppers that eligible items can be purchased online and in-store without paying the state’s 6% sales tax and any applicable local taxes during the tax holiday. Shopping lists and FAQs can be found at
  • Thank you to all who have renewed your dues. We are innovating now more than ever to get the job done for you. If you have questions about what we are doing or how we can support you, we’re only a call or email away. If you have an idea about how we can make your membership more valuable, please let us know.


  • SCACPA is the only organization that protects and promotes the CPA profession in the state. Our benefits of advocacy and networking are waiting for you. SCACPA thanks you for your dedication to the profession and support of the Association now more than ever. We anticipate this will continue to be an active year with local, state and federal legislators.
  • Governmental Affairs continues its efforts to achieve Federal Tax Conformity while also bracing for required changes spawned by COVID relief packages. We’re maintaining our relationship with regulatory bodies and continue to communicate the impact we see with the Board of Accountancy, SC DOR, and DEW.
  • We’re promoting our #WhyCPA campaign to spread awareness about the differences between an accountant and a CPA, and why choosing a CPA is a smart long-term financial decision. We know choosing a CPA is the right decision, don’t you?


  • With your new 40-hour CPE Bank for 2020-21, it’s easy to take advantage of all the learning and knowledge opportunities we have for you. Our CPE planning committee continues to evaluate possibilities as COVID-19 places significant restrictions on live CPE programming. The committee is committed to bringing you the highest quality offerings in the most convenient, effective, and safe manner possible.
  • Are you ready to check out SCACPA’s CPE schedule for 2020-21? Remember, SCACPA is an IRS-approved provider for our tax CPE classes.
  • SCACPA CEO Chris Jenkins is the host of #TechTuesday, a weekly technology update posted to our YouTube channel. Check out 11 Excel spreadsheet tutorials here and remember to subscribe!


  • The Q2 issue of South Carolina CPA Report magazine is arriving in mailboxes. Check out what’s in store with this PDF, including tips to navigate the road to recovery, how a group of young CPAs has been working from home, and our CPE schedule for 2020-21 through June 2021.
  • Thank you to everyone who takes advantage of reading SCACPA’s Current Assets e-newsletter to learn the latest news in Association activities and events. It’s the member benefit that is delivered to your inbox every Thursday morning. If it’s been a while since you’ve read it, make sure to check your spam folder. Also: Look for changes on the horizon to its delivery that will result in you getting more of the targeted knowledge you’re looking for.
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  • Stay informed with SCACPA Happenings, especially as we start planning for November’s Fall Fest 2020 on Nov. 12-13!


  • As SCACPA continues to pivot and innovate to meet the needs of our members, make the most of the Association’s online open forum community SCACPA Connect. This member benefit allows members to talk to one another and offer support, which we know is needed now more than ever. Read about how to log in and start a conversation All we ask is that everyone abide by some simple rules of SCACPA Connect etiquette.
  • October Month of Service is fast approaching. SCACPA is looking for new ways to help our communities during these times of social distancing. We’re hoping you have innovative ideas on how the SCACPA community can safely and effectively make a difference for those in need. Thank you in advance for your upcoming contributions that will demonstrate that CPAs are trusted neighbors for those in need.


  • The South Carolina Association of CPAs Educational Fund Trustees are proud to announce it has awarded $64,500 to 43 exceptional students who plan to pursue careers in accounting. The scholarship recipients represent 16 South Carolina colleges and universities. Best of luck to all our hard-working SCACPA Student Members, you are the future of the profession!
  • SCACPA is proud to announce three winners of our AICPA Minority Scholarship Award! Jessica Outlaw of South Carolina State University, Kenisha Robinson of Winthrop University and Frederick Uy of Clafin University each received $5,000.

Member Benefit Spotlight

  • Have you checked out the COVID-19 tools provided by SCACPA partner Paychex? Their HR white paper eBook “What to Consider as Businesses Re-Open” can help you identify what to plan for, with details about staffing considerations, workplace safety and privacy considerations and supporting employees as they return to work. They also have a breakdown of state-by-state guidance.
  • Maximize your office with SCACPA! With SCACPA’s Office Depot/OfficeMax member benefit, you can now text and receive your In-Store Purchasing Card directly to your phone so you can take your savings with you. Text SCACPASAVES to 555-888 now to download your free mobile In-Store Purchasing Card! Your SCACPA member discounts saves you up to 75% off on our Best Value List of preferred products. Visit for details and start saving today!
  • SCACPA has introduced many new benefits including group health insurance, auto and home insurance, long-term care and pet health insurance. Visit for more details.