As a CPA, you know a lot. But, in today’s changing environment, there are a lot of subjects where you probably have a fair share of questions. That’s why there’s SCACPA Connect — the online member community created for you to collaborate within the profession, communicate with fellow members and get work done.

Simply log into SCAPA Connect, and you can have real-time access to content specialists, field experts, peers and association leaders. SCACPA Connect also lets you share your own expertise to assist a colleague looking for advice.

Logging on to SCAPA Connect is easy. Just use your SCACPA website login username and password to open the door to the entire SCACPA community or with specific SCACPA Connect groups such as your local chapter.

You are all SCACPA Connect needs to be a successful online support and messaging community. What are you waiting for? Connect today!

Here’s how you can Connect with SCACPA Connect in Three Easy Steps:

SCACPA Connect is your go-to portal for expert professional advice and answers to your questions.

Getting started is easy. There’s no need to set up a profile or answer any questions. Here’s all you do:

1. Go to SCACPA’s home page,
2. Click on SCACPA Connect across the top banner.
3. Enter your SCACPA website login username and password, and you’re ready!