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  • Survey of SC business owners illustrates their concerns about re-opening
  • BMW eyes date to reopen Spartanburg Plant
  • Greystar CEO Bob Faith among nationwide economic revival panel
  • Moore Beauston Woodham LLP named among SC’s top workplaces

When We Go Back to Hotel Travel, Expect a Vastly Different Experience

When post-pandemic travel and conventions become allowable again, know that “The (breakfast) buffet could potentially go away for good,” predicts the president of a boutique hotel chain, and that only serves as a starting point for how the rituals of lodging will change – and perhaps permanently. Foremost, the cleaning staffs and procedures that were kept behind the scenes will now be front and center. Hilton is in the process of designing welcoming face masks to replace the smiles that guests are used to seeing at check-in, and the global hotel chain announced a business partnership with Lysol’s parent company and the Mayo Clinic. Marriott’s plans for its 7,300 worldwide hotels include “hospital-grade disinfectant” sprays to frequently sanitize guest room surfaces. As of this week, Airbnb mandates that hosts are to not to book rooms at least 24 hours between visitors to give germs a chance to die. In an effort to eliminate the use of hotel room card keys, it’s also certain that there will be more widespread use of mobile apps that can open room doors, which some chains had introduced before social distancing. (L.A. Times)

Survey of SC Business Owners Illustrates Their Concerns About Reopening

As a panel of South Carolina business leaders study how best to reopen the economy, the SC Chamber of Commerce released results of a wide-ranging survey of more than 3,000 businesses owners about their concerns. “Specifically (with) small businesses, they are at the end of the rope. We’ve got to open the economy back up and safely,” Chamber President and CEO Ted Pitts said. More than 35% of respondents said they had received some type of assistance such as a federal loan, about 30% said they still waiting on loans or had not received coronavirus-related relief, more than 15% said they decided not to apply for loan programs, and 4% said they were not aware relief programs existed. (The State)

BMW Eyes Date to Reopen Spartanburg Plant

A BMW spokesman told The State newspaper that the automaker’s Spartanburg facility plans to start production again on May 4, after having been shuttered on March 29. At the time, their 11,000 workers were told to stay home and expect the plant to reopen in two weeks. In the time since, the plant has been disinfected, and the carmaker had canceled its annual BMW Charity Pro-Am set for June due to changes to the PGA Tour’s schedule. A news release spells out new procedures such as temperature self-checks, modified cafeteria seating and staggered lunch schedules. The BMW spokesman said the challenge it currently faces is re-establishing its supply chain. (The State)

Greystar CEO Faith Among Nationwide Economic Revival Panel

Bob Faith, founder and CEO of the Charleston-based international rental housing management company Greystar, is among the approximately 220 participants in President Donald Trump’s economic revival group. Executives, economists, academicians and other leaders are divvied into areas such as agriculture, hospitality and technology. Faith’s real estate industry group has nine members. (Post and Courier)

Moore Beauston Woodham LLP Named Among SC’s Top Workplaces

Moore Beauston Woodham LLP, a SCACPA 100% Firm, will attend an online celebration of all award winners of the “South Carolina’s Best Places to Work 2020” competition, on Thursday, April 30. The award is based on information compiled by SC BIZ magazine.