In This Edition: Charleston wine market, supply chain brace for tariffs hitting European Union … Anderson County, Duke Energy have plan for energy storage at civic center … With North Charleston ties to Mercedes-Benz vans, Michigan vehicle manufacturer sets up new shop … Getting your flu shot? Earn a healthy reward at some retailers

Charleston Wine Market, Supply Chain Brace for Tariffs Hitting European Union

U.S. tariffs going into effect on $7.5 billion worth of good from the European Union means that some specialty foods will face an extra 25% tax. That includes wines from France, Germany or Spain, that are under 14% alcohol by volume or if they are noncarbonated. While this won’t affect bottles already in the U.S., one Tennessee-based importer said consumers might start seeing price increases in early 2020, “starting in January, or even starting mid-December when the rosés and the dry whites start releasing, you’re really gonna see it.” Jon-David Headrick, who said Charleston’s wine market “greatly outperforms” comparably sized cities, told the Post and Courier that distributors appear willing to absorb some tariff costs rather than pass the entire 25% markup to consumers to preserve the relationships built in the Holy CIty. “When a brand is established in a market and then it goes away for a while, people forget about it,” Headrick said. (Post and Courier)

Anderson County, Duke Energy Have Plan for Energy Storage at Civic Center

Anderson County is partnering with Duke Energy Carolinas to construct an energy storage project at the Anderson Civic Center as the company integrates $500 million in battery technology into a smart grid for the Carolinas in the next 15 years. This will power to a facility that is critical during hurricane evacuations and other emergency situations. The 5-megawatt lithium ion battery will help grid operators efficiently manage energy options and improve grid stability during peak demand periods. (GSA Business Report)

With North Charleston Ties to Mercedes-Benz Vans, Michigan Vehicle Manufacturer Sets Up New Shop

Spartan Motor Inc., a Michigan-based specialty commercial and retail vehicle manufacturer, is expected to create 300 jobs with a $1.15 million investment to open an operation on Fain Street in North Charleston. The facility will produce under the Utilimaster brand industry-specific custom shelving, lighting and ergonomic design services for commercial vehicles. Charleston County received a $100,000 set-aside grant from the S.C. Coordinating Council for Economic Development toward costs of building improvements. According to the Charleston Regional Development Alliance, the Lowcountry facility will help Spartan Motors better serve its client Mercedes-Benz Vans, which builds Sprinter vans in Ladson. (Charleston Regional Business Journal)

Better Than a Free Flu Shot: These Retailers Will Pay You

It’s flu season, which means flu shots are available at area pharmacies. Health insurance has driver down the price of vaccinations to be free without a co-payment. Now, many retailers offer $5-$10 coupon promotions to draw in customers. Here are some S.C. locations and their deals, where often grocery chains offer healthier rewards than conventional pharmacies. (Post and Courier)