Kudos if you’ve used SCACPA’s #TechTuesday to set up your Outlook email display to make your workflow more manageable and better protected from phishing attempts.

But that won’t stop the never-ending nuisance of uninvited inquiries from advertisers or unwanted newsletters.

Now you can free your Outlook Email Inbox from intrusive clutter as tech guru and SCACPA CEO Chris Jenkins turns you into a junk mail exterminator in this week’s SCACPA #TechTuesday instruction.

In just a few minutes, Jenkins points out why blocking senders of mass emails is better than unsubscribing from a list, as well as how to block entire domain names from reaching your inbox as opposed to one particular sender who you’d rather ignore.

You’ll also be able to cultivate a safe senders list based on the people you contact.

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In SCACPA’s weekly #TechTuesday video presentations, we hope you find valuable tips on Outlook tricks, rules for conquering Windows and Excel, and so much more. Feel free to share and post comments, and see you next Tuesday!

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