The South Carolina Association of CPAs would like to congratulate its eight members who took part in the South Carolina Board of Accountancy’s CPA Oath Ceremony on the evening of May 23, 2019: Abbie Bernard, CPA; Kiamesha Caughman, CPA;Jason DuBois, CPA; Jessica KaczorCPA; Olga Larionova, CPA; Patrick Merritt, CPA; Tiffiny Murphy, CPA; and Chelsea Wessinger,CPA. 

SCACPA would also like to congratulate Jigneshkumar Acharya, CPA; Lauren Ayers, CPA; John Gilreath, CPA; Michael Reimche, CPA; and Katelyn Wamsley, CPA, who were in attendance as well.  

There were 136 new South Carolina CPAs eligible for the event in the W.W. Hootie Johnson Hall at the Darla Moore School of Business, where many family members on hand to show their support for the achievement. 

Olga Larionova (SCACPA Student Member since 2016), and her fiancé drove to Columbia for the day from Myrtle Beach to be part of the ceremony. 

“I am truly grateful to the South Carolina Board of Accountancy for the invitation to the Oath Ceremony,” said Larionovaa staff accountant at Castellano CPA. 

“Thank you for recognizing and celebrating such an important achievement in our lives, welcoming us to the profession, providing the opportunity to meet our peers and board members, and reminding us that becoming a CPA entails a great deal of responsibility,” Larionova said. “I cannot wait to experience the surprises and challenges of the profession as a new CPA!” 

Anne Ross, CPA, (SCACPA Member since 1975), who became a partner at J.W. Hunt in Columbia during her 43-year career and was the first female President of the SCACPA Board in 1991, delivered a keynote address that focused on the wide range of career opportunities available to CPAs. 

“A CPA certificate is admired by most of the people in business and industry. It’s not an easy profession to get in,” Ross saidWith a CPA background, you can go anywhere you want to go: Public accounting, consulting, teaching, health, law, military and other public and private industries.” 

Ross emphasized how being a CPA requires problem-solving skills. “Clients are hungry for new ideas to promote their business and reduce their taxes, she said. 

Ross shared personal experiences of her years in the profession, such as being elected president of SCACPA’s Central Chapter while she was pregnant, and the circumstances of how as a college student in 1973 she first contacted J.W. Hunt when she learned during a senior auditing class they were seeking candidates for a bookkeeper 

Her initial phone call resulted in being told that while they were impressed with her recordthey did not envision a woman joining their firm at that time. “This was 73,” Ross reminded the audience. “Thirty minutes later I got another call from J.W. Hunt, he saidIf you come meet us on Friday afternoon, we have a job for you.’ I have no idea what happened between A and B. 

Ross’ involvement as a board member in national and global accounting groups opened even more opportunities, including travel to France on two occasions for meetings for CPA Associates International. 

“I’ve made lifelong friends with CPAs in the U.S. and overseas, Ross said. “I enjoyed working with people in the profession who had the same goals I had. 

The Oath was administered by K. Todd Dailey, CPA, the Chair of the South Carolina Board of Accountancy and a SCACPA Member since 1993. In his concluding remarks, he encouraged new CPAs to remember the importance of time management so they can balance business and family obligations. 

SCACPA congratulates Spring 2019 New CPAs and thanks the Board of Accountancy for hosting the CPA Oath Ceremony.