• With 330 registrations so far and still three weeks away, the Fall Fest Accounting Conference is already our biggest conference to date! But beyond that, Fall Fest is the opportunity to get know your peers at Entertainment Night and win some outstanding prizes (NASCAR ride-along, anyone?!). With board games, trivia, music, food and booze, we knew we couldn’t put on our largest conference ever without a killer party! As a bonus to those already planning on attending the conference, registrants can bring one guest to Entertainment Night for free.
  • Team Tax is coming up and we’re proud to be bringing you up to date, relevant CPE with speakers from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. The CPE team is working on printing the Tax Guide participants will receive. Because of the nature of the new tax laws, we are offering Team Tax twice from two physical locations (Greenville and Columbia) and once online. Read more about Team Tax, our panelists and the dates and locations here.
  • We are gearing up for busy season here in the office! From now until the end of the year, the SCACPA Staff will be travelling regularly all throughout the state to bring CPE to you. We are coming to a city near you, so go ahead and check out we’re offering. Don’t forget to say hi when you see us!
  • Don’t forget to complete your Ethics requirements before the end of the reporting period (December 31, 2018). We are offering Ethics multiple times between now and the end of the year – check out the courses here.


  • The Communications and Membership teams are shifting focus from retention to recruitment. With All Inclusive Membership, we know CPAs across the state are excited at the potential of membership with the only organization in South Carolina that protects the profession. Join SCACPA today!
  • We’re excited to have the SCACPA Swag Store at Fall Fest, where you can win free SCACPA merchandise! Earn points before attending by spreading your SCACPA love on social media using the hashtag #SCACPA2018. With prizes ranging from an playing cards to a stuffed animal, there is something for everyone at the SCACPA Swag Store, and earning points is easy! Check out ways to earn here.
    • SCACPA branded sweatshirt blankets, earbuds, golf balls and puppy dogs are up for grabs! Make sure you participate so that you can take a memento home.
  • Fall Fest is at the top of staff’s minds for the next few weeks. The Communications and Membership teams are writing scripts and designing programs for lunch on Thursday and Friday. We will honor McRoy Skipper during Thursday’s lunch and recognize student scholarship recipients during Friday’s lunch. Students can register for the Fall Fest Student Accounting Conference here.


  • SCACPA is the only organization in the state the protects and promotes the CPA profession. With tax season quickly approaching, we’re going to be kicking off a campaign to spread awareness about the differences between an accountant and a CPA, and why choosing a CPA is a smart long-term financial decision. We know choosing a CPA is the right decision, don’t you?
  • Read more about our Advocacy efforts on the SCACPA Blog.


  • And just like that, SCACPA’s Month of Service has all but come and gone. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the McRoy Scholarship and to all those who served with their local Chapters for their various service projects. You are the reason the Association exists and why we will continue to do great things with and for you. Thank you for giving back to the community so generously!
  • We want you to let us and all your friends know you’re excited for Fall Fest by using the hashtag #SCACPA2018 on your social media posts showing your SCACPA love! Whether you post a picture with a friend from a past event or share a few words on how much you enjoyed Spring Splash, we want you to engage with us! You can earn points for the SCACPA Swag Store at Fall Fest by posting on social using #SCACPA2018, so that’s a plus, too.
  • Don’t forget to follow us on social media (FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram) for quick, real-time updates! We share the latest breaking news on social media first, so go ahead and give us a Like and Follow.
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