Where is My Local Taxpayer Assistance Center?
While the IRS maintains a wide range of online resources to answer all your tax questions, those who need help from a Taxpayer Assistance Center can call to schedule an appointment. You can find your nearest TAC using this tool.

8 Steps to Complete Form 1065
Form 1065 is used by partnerships and LLCs taxed as the way to report all partnership income, deductions, and credits for the tax year. Know what information and documentation you should have handy.

Social Security Benefits at Risk from Hackers
A CPA Personal Financial Specialist who had been planning to wait until age 70 to receive Social Security recounts how he discovered more than $19,000 had been stolen by someone who fraudulently applied for his benefits after he turned 67, despite the steps he had taken to freeze his credit with all three credit bureaus. The author points to an unsecure Social Security Retirement/Medicare Benefit application website as the likely source of the breach.

Mount Pleasant job-match software firm lands $3M from VCs
Mount Pleasant-based Engage Talent received a $3 million investment from out-of-state venture capitals. The software startup, formerly known as Job Market Maker, helps businesses find employees who are ready to make a career move and has made headway in matching skillsets in the fields of engineering, finance, health care and technology.

Lake Wylie man pleads guilty to $9 million in tax evasion
An executive of a North Carolina-based fire equipment company embezzled nearly $26 million from his employer which financed “a lavish lifestyle” and travel, authorities say, by telling international customers to put their payments directly into his bank account. He pleaded guilty to an IRS investigation that says he owes $9 million on that unreported income, and he faces up to five years in prison.