Prepaying Property Taxes? IRS Cautions It Might Not Pay Off

The IRS has a message for the homeowners rushing to prepay their property taxes before new rules take effect on New Year’s Day: Not so fast.

Beware of PCAOB Changes to Standard on Auditor’s Reporting Model Effective Dec. 15

The PCOAB recently issued guidance for the new auditor’s reporting model in Auditing Standard No. 3101. The new standard is effective for audits of fiscal years ending on or after Dec. 15 except for changes that concern critical audit matters.

New AICPA Guide Will Help Auditors Apply Audit Data Analytics Techniques

With the extraction and analysis of data growing in importance, the AICPA is working to familiarize CPAs with Audit Data Analytics that can be applied in their audit engagements.

CFO Offers M&A Advice: People First

Now may be the time for CFOs to consider best practices for ensuring a successful integration of an acquisition, with both Deloitte and Ernst & Young predicting an acceleration of M&A activity in 2018. Both the number of deals and transaction sizes are expected to increase. At a time when digital transformation is changing a lot of business processes, M&A activity provides yet another disruption. However, CFOs can, with the right planning, minimize the interruptions and streamline the transition for all parties.