By the South Carolina Department of Revenue

In 2019, the South Carolina Department of Revenue collected a record $13.2 billion in revenue for South Carolina, launched a comprehensive State Tax Lien Registry, and issued more than 1.2 million $50 rebates.

Now check out what’s new for 2020 at the SCDOR!

  • New process for amending South Carolina Individual Income Tax returns. Beginning with tax year 2019, use the SC1040 to file an amended return. Simply check the new amended return checkbox and complete the return as it should have been filed, providing all schedules and necessary attachments, including the new Schedule AMD. Continue to use SC1040X for tax years prior to 2019. Amended returns can be filed online for tax year 2019 and after. For more about individual income tax, visit
  • New electronic filing mandate for Solid Waste Tax. Solid Waste taxpayers will be required to file and pay electronically beginning March 1. Other South Carolina electronic filing mandates in effect include:
Tax Type Electronic Mandate
911 User Fee
Aviation Fuel Tax*
Beer Wholesalers**
Liquor Wholesalers**
Motor Fuel Taxes
Rental Fee Surcharge*
Solid Waste Tax***
Wine Wholesalers**

* Going into effect throughout 2020
** Effective Feb. 1, 2020
*** Effective March 1, 2020

All taxpayers who file this tax must file and pay electronically.
Airlines Tax
Carlines Tax
Corporate Tax
Miscellaneous Taxes
Sales Tax (including Accommodations Tax,
Use Tax, and Local Sales Taxes)
Taxpayers whose state tax liability is $15,000 or more per filing period must file and pay electronically.
Withholding Tax Taxpayers who withhold $15,000 or more per quarter or who make 24 or more withholding payments in a year must file and pay electronically.

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  • New tool for viewing South Carolina’s Top Delinquent Taxpayers. To support transparency, fairness and compliance, in February we launched our revamped Top Delinquent Taxpayers list at This quarterly list includes the names and debt amounts of the Top 250 Delinquent Individuals and Top 250 Delinquent Businesses in the State. It replaces the Debtor’s Corner, a compliance tool that has been featured on the SCDOR’s website for years. Individuals and businesses who have filed for bankruptcy or who have made payment agreements with the SCDOR are not included on this list. Any debt in our GEAR or Setoff Debt programs is also excluded.

New for the 2020 Individual Income Tax season:

  • The Motor Fuel Income Tax Credit increased from $0.03 per gallon to $0.05 per gallon.
  • South Carolina’s Earned Income Tax Credit increased to 41.67% of the federal credit. To claim this credit, you must be eligible for the federal credit and must be a full-year resident of South Carolina.
  • The maximum credit available for the Two Wage Earner Credit increased to 0.7% of the lesser of:
    • $36,667, or
    • the South Carolina qualified earned income of the taxpayer with the lower qualified income for the taxable year.
  • The South Carolina dependent exemption increased to $4,190 for each eligible dependent.
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