Get Ready to Ace the EA Exam with the Mock Test Experience!

Dive into an authentic EA exam environment crafted following the official EA examination blueprints. The Mock EA Exam is not just any practice test; it’s a 3 ½ hour immersive experience that will prepare you for what’s to come.

🕒 **Block Your Calendar for 3 ½ Hours** 🕒
This is more than just answering questions; it’s about understanding the rhythm and demands of the actual exam. Make sure you set aside the time and are free from distractions to get the most out of this experience.

Wondering how you did? Don’t worry! At the end of your session, receive your personalized Exam ReadySCORE, giving you a clear picture of where you stand.

Know your strengths. Understand your weaknesses. Our diagnostic report doesn’t just tell you how you did; it guides you on where to focus next, aligned perfectly with the EA exam blueprints.

💡 **Why Take the Mock EA Exam?** 💡
1. **Realistic Exam Simulation**: Experience the format, pressure, and environment of the actual EA exam.
2. **Guided Learning**: Identify areas you need to focus on, ensuring you use your study time efficiently.
3. **Boost Confidence**: Familiarity with the exam format reduces anxiety and helps you perform at your best when it counts.

Sign up today – Just complete the form below and keep an eye out for an activation email from Surgent Exam Review the morning of the mock exam.

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