Membership FAQs

Membership FAQs2018-04-23T17:15:49-04:00

SCACPA Membership

Membership in SCACPA is limited to individuals who hold an active CPA license, are working to attain a CPA licenses, or professionals who directly work for a CPA.

Membership Categories include:

  • Fellow: CPAs who work or live in South Carolina
  • Non-resident: CPA working and living outside of South Carolina
  • Retired: CPA who is 62 years of age or older and averaging less than 20 hour a week
  • Lifetime: 68 years of age or older and 30 years of consecutive SCACPA Membership
  • Student: Enrolled at a college or university in an accounting program
  • Affiliate: Non-CPA employee working in an accounting capacity
  • CPA Candidate: Approved applicant for the Uniform CPA Examination actively pursuing their certificate and licensure. This membership category is limited to five years

Membership invoices are issues in May of each year. Member payments are due on July first, and your membership is valid until 6/30 of the following year.


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South Carolina Association of CPAs

1300 12th Street, Suite D
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Membership FAQS

I am retired and do not practice full-time. Do I still pay $799?2018-04-22T22:12:29-04:00

A: We understand that as a retired member you have a decrease in income. Retired members will receive full benefits, including 40 hours of CPE for $450.

I’ve recently retired or am planning to retire this year. Can I pay the retired rate?2018-04-21T17:24:53-04:00

A: No. Please contact SCACPA via email, mail or fax to have the change approved. We require notification of all membership changes and requests in writing and handle on a case-by-case basis.

I have temporarily left the work force for military duty, unemployment, disability or domestic responsibilities. Is there a special membership rate for me?2018-04-22T22:12:21-04:00

A: Yes. You must request this special rate in writing ( and complete an inactive membership waiver form.

I am not a licensed CPA but am a member of SCACPA. Does my membership include CPE?2018-04-21T17:23:59-04:00

A: CPA Candidates and Affiliates currently pay $450, which does not include CPE. Candidates and Affiliates may elect to join at the $799, which would include 40 hours of CPE.

I’m a lifetime member. Does my membership include CPE?2018-04-22T22:12:33-04:00

A: Lifetime membership is complimentary but does not include CPE, however Lifetime members may purchase a 40-hour CPE package for $450.

At this time, I no longer wish to remain a member. Can I ignore the renewal statements?2018-04-21T17:23:08-04:00

A: No. Per the SCACPA Constitution, you must resign from membership by sending a letter or email to request resignation. In addition, we require you return your certificate of membership to the Association office. Members who have not renewed within 90 days are no longer members in good standing. Membership dues must be paid in order to register for SCACPA CPE seminars and other events, to participate in Chapter events and to be eligible for SCACPA insurance and discount programs.

What are the membership dues rates?2018-04-22T22:12:39-04:00

The membership dues rates are as follows for July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019:

Fellow $799
Lifetime $0
Retired $450
Non-Resident  $450
Affiliate (Non-CPA employee of firm)  $450
CPA Candidate  $450
Student   $0

Payment FAQs

What forms of payment does SCACPA accept?2018-04-22T22:16:37-04:00

A: You may pay your dues with a personal check, firm or company check or Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit cards.

Can I pay my dues online?2018-04-21T17:21:34-04:00

A: Yes. Save time, money and resources — we prefer online dues payments. Simply log in and click on Manage My Membership. Need assistance logging in? Contact SCACPA to obtain your Website login information.

Do I have to pay the full amount all at once?2018-04-22T22:16:33-04:00

A. Members can elect a monthly payment option of $69.99.

I belong to a company that will pay for my CPE but does not pay for my Association dues. How will I be able to invoice that?2018-04-21T17:20:38-04:00

A: In these cases, we will issue invoices in one of two ways – we will send it as dues with CPE included, or as a CPE package with dues included.

I received my dues notice, and the billing class listed is incorrect. Can I change it myself and return with the correct dues amount?2018-04-21T17:18:52-04:00

A: No. Please contact SCACPA via email, mail or fax to have the change approved. We require notification of all membership changes and requests in writing. We handle these on a case-by-case basis.

Are my SCACPA annual dues tax-deductible?2018-04-22T22:16:29-04:00

A: Dues to SCACPA are not deductible as a charitable contribution but may be deducted as an ordinary and necessary business expense. A portion of your dues (estimated at 5%) is not deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense, to the extent that SCACPA engages in lobbying.

I allowed my membership to lapse. How do I rejoin?2018-04-21T17:18:20-04:00

A: To rejoin the Association please contact There is a $50 reinstatement fee.

My contact information has changed. How do I update my information with SCACPA?2018-04-22T22:16:23-04:00

A: You may update your information online in your membership account, on the mailed renewal notice or by emailing with your new contact information.

Ed-Fund and PAC FAQs

What is the SCACPA Educational Fund?2018-04-21T17:17:32-04:00

A: A small portion ($12.50) of your renewal fee will go to benefit the SCACPA Educational Fund.   The fund exists to advance and promote accounting education and feed the CPA Pipeline as well as grant scholarships to talented undergrad and graduate students from across the state.

What if I don’t want to contribute to the Educational Fund?2018-04-21T17:17:05-04:00

A: Members may opt out of donating to the Educational Fund.

How do I make an additional contribution to the SCACPA Educational Fund?2018-04-21T17:16:42-04:00

A: The Educational Fund helps to strengthen the CPA profession in South Carolina. Any additional donations are greatly appreciated. To donate please visit the Educational Fund page, contact or mail checks payable to the SCACPA Educational fund and send to 1300 12th St., Suite D, Cayce, SC 29033.

What is the CPA-PAC?2018-04-22T22:15:29-04:00

A: A small portion ($12.50) of your renewal fee will go to benefit the SCACPA CPA-PAC.   The PAC supports legislators who share Association views and goals. Contributions to key leaders and members of the legislature have helped the profession enjoy a long list of legislative victories.

What if I don’t want to contribute to the PAC?2018-04-22T22:15:23-04:00

A: We understand there can be regulatory instances where you are prohibited from donating to political causes, and our invoice is set up so that you can select for that dollar amount to be diverted to other SCACPA membership initiatives.

How do I make an additional contribution to the SCACPA CPA-PAC?2018-04-22T22:15:18-04:00

A: The CPA-PAC is essential to advancing issues that are important to accounting professionals. Any additional donations are greatly appreciated.  To donate please visit the CPA-PAC page, contact or mail checks payable to the SCACPA CPA-PAC and send to 1300 12th St., Suite D, Cayce, SC 29033.


Where can I view the CPE Schedule?2018-04-21T17:15:09-04:00

A: It’s always available at We continue to negotiate with different vendors, so check our website for courses as they are added. A list of CPE Courses are also available in each issue of the South Carolina CPA Report.

Are conferences included in the 40 hours of CPE?2018-04-22T22:18:42-04:00

A: Yes. SCACPA will offer a Spring and Fall Accounting Conference. Each conference will allow you to select from five tracks of CPE sessions.

When can I start using my 40 hours of CPE?2018-04-21T17:14:36-04:00

A: You will receive 40 hours of CPE in your CPE Bank as soon as the invoice is paid. Although the new membership year does not begin until July 1, you will be able to take May and June 2018 courses once the invoice is paid.

When will I start seeing overall cost savings?2018-04-22T22:18:37-04:00

A: When we compare the current membership model to All-Inclusive Membership, we find 80% of our members will see an annual cost savings in the All-Inclusive Membership after taking 16 hours of SCACPA CPE.

I like getting CPE from other providers in addition to SCACPA. Is this still a good value for me?2018-04-21T17:14:04-04:00

A: SCACPA wants to be your preferred provider for CPE. Knowing the diverse needs of our members and recognizing that other providers exist, we worked to create a price point that leaves room for other offerings. Members don’t have to take 40 hours from us; in fact, you would break even at 16 hours based on the current model we are transferring away from.

I don’t typically take CPE from SCACPA. Why should I continue my membership?2018-04-22T22:18:32-04:00

A: SCACPA is about more than CPE, and this transition is about that point. CPE should be a benefit of membership and balanced with our other benefits. In short, SCACPA is the only organization looking out for the interests of the profession, individual CPAs and their clients in South Carolina. But, we encourage you to try SCACPA’s CPE — we think you’ll like the experience.

Will low-cost CPE mean low quality?2018-04-21T17:13:06-04:00

A: While it is true that SCACPA will need to work to a budget, that does not mean the program will suffer. Our goal is to adjust all aspects of the program and increase overall quality. Our new program, designed for CPAs by CPAs, ensures we have flexibility, statewide coverage and a variety of programming.

Do I have to take CPE in my local Chapter?2018-04-22T22:19:00-04:00

A: While all our eight Chapters will provide 40 hours of CPE, you will have the freedom to schedule and attend SCACPA classes offered everywhere throughout South Carolina.

Can I take more than 40 hours of CPE?2018-04-21T17:12:30-04:00

A: Once you have utilized all 40 hours of your CPE Bank, you are still invited to buy additional CPE hours at the retail membership price.

Is Your question not listed above?

Don’t Worry! SCACPA’s friendly and professional membership services team members are only a phone call or email away! Call us at 803.791.4181 or toll free statewide at 888.557.4814. Email the Member Services Team at  (for questions about Chapters or General Membership, 100% Membership Program, Data Updates and Billing Class Changes).