SCACPA Membership

Membership in SCACPA is limited to individuals who hold an active CPA license, are working to attain a CPA licenses, or professionals who directly work for a CPA.

Membership Categories include:

  • Fellow: CPAs who work or live in South Carolina
  • Non-resident: CPA working and living outside of South Carolina
  • Retired: CPA who is 62 years of age or older and averaging less than 20 hour a week
  • Lifetime: 68 years of age or older and 30 years of consecutive SCACPA Membership
  • Student: Enrolled at a college or university in an accounting program
  • Affiliate: Non-CPA employee working in an accounting capacity
  • CPA Candidate: Approved applicant for the Uniform CPA Examination actively pursuing their certificate and licensure. This membership category is limited to five years

Membership invoices are issues in May of each year. Member payments are due on July first, and your membership is valid until 6/30 of the following year.

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Call us at 803.791.4181 or toll free statewide at 888.557.4814.
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Membership FAQS

By dedicating our resources all year long on advocacy, communicating, connecting, education, and growth, we are positioned to provide you these member benefits when you’re ready to take advantage. Here’s how SCACPA is there when you need us, and we’re always only a phone call away.

ADVOCATE: We know that the CPA credential has never been more valuable. And no other group has done more with legislators, regulators and within local communities to protect and promote your CPA credential in South Carolina.

COMMUNICATE: Our reliable messaging to lawmakers, business owners and individuals raises awareness of the important work you do. We utilize the power of our community to start the discussions that empower CPAs.

CONNECT: The Association throughout its history has been about creating a framework of fellowship. You get the most from your membership when you engage local business professionals, legislators, and students.

EDUCATE: Your membership includes 40 hours of CPE with flexible options to fit your schedule. When you attend Livestream classes, SCACPA brings you the learning you need from elite speakers in a way that is secure and safe.

GROW: SCACPA creates awareness at all academic levels to advise educators on how they can transform curricula toward the skills needed to guarantee excellent candidates, which ensures our profession is inviting and inclusive.

The goal for our price point is to deliver maximum value at the minimum price. Annual membership costs less than what you would pay for a daily cup of coffee. ($799 renewal rate/365 days = $2.19/day). For less than $2.25 per day, you:

· Have access to a built-in community of like-minded professionals and interact at in-person events and our online forum, SCACPA Connect

· Participate in relevant continuing education specifically designed for South Carolina CPAs

· Receive print and electronic publications with the news you can use

· Help grow the profession in South Carolina

· Raise the volume on SCACPA’s voice in Columbia

The primary reason that SCACPA’s fiscal year does not match the calendar year has to do with compression. October, November and December are our busiest months for CPE. In order to also run a membership renewal campaign during such a period, SCACPA would need to hire additional staff, which increases our payroll costs, or else suffer from poor member service. For these reasons, the Board decided several years ago to move off the calendar year to a fiscal year.

To help with membership CPE Bank usage, we open membership renewals on May 1. This gives two months of overlap where members who have consumed their banks to purchase new hours for spring events. Members with remaining hours can use those hours for spring events. During these two months, hours can be combined to allow members to plan a whole year of CPE.

We urge our members to maximize your SCACPA experience by getting involved. Here are some of our many ways to deliver your talents for the good of the profession.

· Become a Chapter Officer and you will get more than you give. By starting as a Secretary and/or Treasurer, you can work your way up to Vice Chair and Chair roles. You’ll make connections and open up opportunities for future opportunities.

· SCACPA and its Chapters offer numerous volunteering and charity events throughout the year.

· Become a mentor to college or high school students. Our Education Fund rewarded $44,000 in financial aid to deserving students in 2019.

We think every member is important, and we’d like to keep every one of them. But it’s a personal choice.

Instead of offering you a menu of options, let’s talk about what you’re looking for? What would make the membership worthwhile for you?

We don’t want to lose your expertise and experience in our community. We can adjust your membership to our “retired” status, which is a little lower cost-wise. Plus, we could use your help in a number of areas such as advocacy efforts and building relationships with future CPAs at the university level.

Payment FAQs

Our All-Inclusive Membership allows members to invest in the benefits they deem most important. The SCACPA Board evaluates program use annually and adjusts benefits based on utilization. The $799.00 rate allows the association to keep all core benefits strong, meeting the diverse needs of the entire membership. For this reason, we do not offer a discounted or a la carte package.

That is not necessary. Members have a monthly payment option of $69.99.

SCACPA completely understands. We’ve all seen instances of expense cutting in order to keep things going. This also follows the pattern that during downturns and hard times that it’s important to recognize your Association as a necessary business expense. As the pandemic escalated, we were taking these actions:

· SCACPA lobbied on your behalf to have your business declared essential so you could continue to offer the best services to your clients

· We delivered the content and education needed to help members navigate the road to recovery

· We moved from in-person to online all our learning, including educational content from Spring Splash, so you did not experience a lapse in quality CPE

Moving forward, SCACPA will bring you the CPE and content you need and help your clients rebound, as well as lobby on your behalf at the state level. To further help, we can gladly offer you have the payment option of renewing your membership at a rate of $69.99 per month.

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Ed-Fund and PAC FAQs

Our Advocacy Team is regularly racking up victories, from Disaster Relief to Conformity, because SCACPA is the ONLY organization looking out for CPAs in South Carolina.

We are connected. Our members have key contact with legislators. Our lobbying partners with Copper Dome Strategies have the inroads to get the ears of legislators. We pick up the phone and solve problems with the South Carolina Department of Revenue, the Department of Employment Workforce and the South Carolina Board of Accountancy.

We help with licensure and regulations, and all the nuts and bolts dirty work that would keep you on the phone for hours. We know who to ask to make things happen.

There is power in numbers. Our Association is 4,300 members strong, but to make the most of that strength requires us all to recognize our common bonds. Your membership supports those bonds, helping us to have a stronger voice in Columbia. Plus, as a member, you have an opportunity to participate and influence the position of the organization.

We aim to elevate as many South Carolina individuals and businesses as possible. When you’re a SCACPA member, you can have a voice in how those resources are allocated.

Yes, the AICPA is branching out to help other professional accounting designations. We realize why it’s important for many SCACPA members to affiliate with AICPA, but their expertise is more nationwide in scope. SCACPA’s expertise is in advocating for the local matters that directly affect you throughout South Carolina.

In short: “You don’t know you need us for a rainy day until it starts to rain.”

We can help explain how our tools keep you prepared and up-to-date on the ever-changing profession.

NO. 2: We have the communications tools to get your message out.

· Our social media can link to your social media and amplify your message.

· Become a SCACPA writer/speaker/communicator and expand your brand. Our staff will work with you.

· SCACPA has many communications tools to tell the world about your work. You can write feature articles in our blog and South Carolina CPA Report magazine.

In normal years, this solution works well because we do not run many CPE courses from February to May based on the Tax Season Cycle. This allows the SCACPA staff to focus on the membership renewal process. Obviously, this year is different, and we have courses outside of the normal scope.

If you want to take any of SCACPA’s COVID-19 courses for CPE credit but have used up your 40-hour CPE Bank, call our staff and we will work to comp you for those hours. We always thank you for your membership, and will find ways to make sure you benefit as much as possible from what you pay for your dues.


With All-Inclusive Membership, you reach the break-even price once you’ve taken 15 hours of courses. Even if you only take 20-30 hours of SCACPA CPE, you’re still coming out ahead. CPE should be a benefit of membership, balanced with your other benefits. Likewise, membership dues are not a cover charge. You pay one price and get SCACPA’s full suite of benefits.

· Our CPE is carefully screened and selected by the Committee of 16 to offer you the courses that you demand. As new issues emerge in accounting, we can call our resources into action and develop programs that give you answers now while your peers are wondering what to do.

· Low-price CPE does not mean low-quality CPE. We have award-winning, nationally recognized speakers who tailor their material for us.

· Maybe you work for a company that provides its own CPE. Our Livestream offerings can bring customized training to your firm. Ask us for details on how to arrange the courses that would make the best fit for you and your peers.

SCACPA’s annual membership runs from July 1 through June 30. It includes 40 hours of CPE for use during that timeframe. Hours in the CPE Bank cannot be carried forward or rolled over. However, we have several

options to ensure you can spend those hours on the highest quality CPE available. Considered registering for our Surgent Self Study options.

Accountancy laws require CPAs to take CPE – not SCACPA. SCACPA offers members a cost-effective way to earn the required CPE while offering an experience that places value on Competency Over Compliance.

Understanding the needs of our members and the pace of change in the profession, we built a solution to offer members the ability to earn meaningful CPE at a reasonable cost. Additionally, we worked to ensure a price point that allows members to take external CPE as needed. Your 40-hour CPE Bank is designed to be a breakeven cost once you’ve taken 15 hours.

We’ve created a long-term schedule that gives you “just in time” education with the topics and speakers that most impact the issues facing South Carolina CPAs. We have a goal of advocating national and state regulators for a better CPE experience.

National CPE offerings do not often reflect the conditions we face in South Carolina, so we champion those courses. If we aren’t offering classes that are relevant to you, please tell us the classes you need. We are developing local speaker pools that meet the needs of South Carolina professionals, and if you know of quality candidates, please put us in touch with them.

We offer more than 240 Surgent on-demand streaming classes. Look to our website for details and instructions for how to register. There is an incredible selection of courses to choose from by June 30, 2021. Thus, you’ll have access to courses that will stay available to you past the reporting deadline. You can use 20 hours this reporting period and get a head start on the next reporting period.

Before, we would have one Business & Industry conference with 16 hours of courses in a year, and that wasn’t enough. Now we have specialized courses in Business & Industry. More importantly, instead of a single conference, we have specific Business & Industry tracks at our Spring and Fall Mega-Conferences. That comes out to 32 hours of relevant and specific CPE just for you. With the additional courses, we’re offering more than 50 hours of unique content for our Business & Industry partners, both live and online.

Our Advocacy and what we’re doing with South Carolina business leaders to tell their story of the CPA is creating more top-level management jobs in industry. We’re promoting the value of the CPA within the business. We’re creating more demand for industry CPAs. That’s our goal.