SCACPA wants to thank everyone who made Fall Fest 2019 a success. After two days of learning, there were 437 attendees, easily making this the biggest event in Association history.

Thanks to everyone who submitted their evaluation responses. We promise to use that feedback to make the upcoming Spring Splash on May 14 and 15 in Spartanburg and next year’s Fall Fest better than ever. We’re glad that Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center was up to the task of helping Fall Fest and Entertainment Night shine, and we promise we’ll be back.

The SCACPA Board and staff are floored by your responses. Here’s a sampling of what SCACPA members had to say about Fall Fest. We can’t wait for Spartanburg next!


Professional Issues Update: SCACPA CEO Chris Jenkins

“Chris is an excellent speaker. Is there more than one of him? He seems to be everywhere.”

“I love when Chris presents. Funny and relevant! One of my favorites.”


Current Developments in Federal Taxation: Important Cases, Rulings, and Effective Dates: Lynn Nichols

“Keep Lynn Nichols as long as he’s willing to be a presenter!”


Time’s Really Up: Leases: Melisa Galasso

“Melisa Galasso was amazing at explaining!”

“Please have her back!!! She is so great.”

“I will always attend Melisa’s sessions. Please continue to bring her back.”

“Great speaker. Very informative.”


Industry Changes and Diversity: Jill Kovalich and Uvette Pope-Rogers

“I like the format of the class — video clips and commentary following. It was different that past classes I attended, and I enjoyed the variety.”


Common Fraud Schemes and How to Detect Them: Ramona Farrell

“Great mix of dialogue, videos and audience participation. Great job, Ramona.”

“Great speaker, very informative.”

“Always enjoy these sessions. Great relevant real-world recent examples.”


Accounting and Financial Statement Disclosures For Endowment Funds: Benedikt Quosigk

“I will always attend a Benedikt session. Please bring him back.”


Hot Topics in A&A: Melissa Galasso

“Melissa is the best. Please bring her back.”


Presenting Financial Information to Non-Financial Professionals: Miller Edwards

“First time I have heard this speaker and I was impressed. He was very relatable and entertaining throughout the presentation.”

“Good topic, good presentation.”

“Enjoyed Mr. Edwards’ presentation.”

“Great speaker, very engaging.”

“Awesome session. Miller is a greater presenter and made the class a lot of fun.”


Managerial Accounting for Non-Profits: Rosalyn Glen

“Rosalyn is an effective speaker and knows the material well.”


199A (Update): Jason Pritchard

“Well prepared and good.”

“Case studies/examples were great!”

“Pretty thorough and good speakers.”


Functional Expense Classification/Cost Allocation: Benedikt Quosigk

“Benedikt was the best. Please bring him back.”


Uniform Guidance & Yellow Book Update: Melisa Galasso

“Melisa is always great. She is prepared, professional and just great. She gets class input and works it in. She is a true class act at CPE.”

“Melissa is the best. Please bring her back.”

“Melissa is the best – it’s too bad the evaluations stop at ‘excellent.’”


Employee Benefit Plan Audits/Common Issues: Paul Medlin

“Paul is extremely knowledgeable.”


Controller/CFO Workshop at 30,000ft View: Robert Bendetti

“Great energy, great presentation. Keep Robert!”

“Great speaker! Kept the audience engaged and covered a relevant topic.”

“Robert was awesome.”

“Good speaker. Would attend another of his classes.”

“Great speaker … very funny and informative.”

“Good audience interaction.”

“Robert did a great job with this material. It was a lot of fun to be a part of this class.”


CAFR: A-Z: Tim Lyons

“A good program for those not familiar with CAFRs.”


Opportunity Zone: Eric Conkright

“Very relevant. New topic. Truly continuing education.”


Major Differences Between IFRS and USGAAP: Kevin Bogle

“This is a dry topic, but Kevin did a great job making it informative and interesting.”

“Very knowledgeable. Debated between Good and Very Good for presentation. I didn’t come close to falling asleep, so he gets a Very Good!”

“Kevin was excellent and connected the difference with practical helps for my practice.”


Soft Skills and Leadership Communication: Ramona Farrell

“I really enjoyed this.”

“Good panel of speakers with a few nuggets to use.”


Regulatory Update: SCDOR, SCDEW, IRS, BOA: Jason Pritchard, Moderator

“Mary Goode of the Taxpayer Advocate Service balanced enforcement and assistance well. It is good to see what our state is doing for us.”

“It was nice to see how the Board of Accountancy is moving into the future and appears to be embracing technology to better serve us CPAs. I felt progress coming.”


Cost Segregation: John Hanning

“Very well prepared. Very good topic. Thorough and interesting speaker.”


New Auditing Standards 134/135: Melisa Galasso

“Outstanding presentation. She was the most engaging speaker I her at the conference. I did not have this speaker.”

“Melissa was excellent with a very relevant topic.”


Do’s and Don’ts of External Audits: Panel of 4: Cheryl Lang, Moderator

“Moderator Cheryl Lang did a great job though of making the session extremely interactive and keeping the group in discussion the entire session.”


Efficient Sampling in Single Audit Compliance Testing: Rachel Stushek

“I really enjoyed this one.”


Getting/Giving Effective Feedback: Kristen Jerome, Moderator

“Good panel.”

“Overall, enjoyed this session with all speakers. Definitely took away examples to incorporate into my office.”



“Good variety of topics Nice to switch topics/rooms/speakers so often.”

“Enjoyed how it was similar to the Government Finance Officers Association conference, but unique and different!”

“Great classes, well organized.”

“The networking event was a great way to meet other CPAs from the state! Enjoyed being able to bring a guest. Great food and entertainment!”

“Thank you for letting me buy a stuffed animal, I wasn’t comfortable talking to the vendors for points.”

“Glad the individual session sign in process was eliminated; much easier to move between rooms/sessions.”

“Wonderful event and growing larger each year!”

“Excellent event. Not a single thing to complain about. Lines at the bathroom, timing of classes, temperature of rooms – all of the normal issues in a conference were not an issue here. Great improvement over last year with regards to space and signing in!!! I could really concentrate on the classes as opposed to how uncomfortable I was.”

“Well organized, SCACPA staff was on top of their game!!!!!”

“MUCH better location than last year – more room for all attendees.”

“Event was pretty good. Definitely see the growth of the event.”

“The event was great. I felt like some of the sessions were very crowded but overall pleased with the event.”

“The speakers I had overall were very well prepared and professional. I felt the levels where better this time. Topics where not too elementary. … Location was good. Easy to get too and park, hotels were good and ability to eat dinner close by was good too.

“Thank you for eliminating the sign in sheets. Much less confusing.”

“Lots of space, way better than last year.”

Since I picked the session when registering for the conference and didn’t keep a list I would have liked to

“Thursday night was fun and the food was nice.”

“Very well done. I have seen the drastic transition to making the CPE integration with membership cost-effective. … I’ve seen great strides in the right direction with making sure that the SCACPA speakers, topics, and content are relevant and value-added.”

“Great idea having a multi-discipline event as opposed to the A&A conference of the past. Probably shows in the strong attendance.”

“Event packet pickup was quick and efficient. It was certainly nice not having to sign in at each seminar. That would have taken a long time for some of them.”

“The event gets better and better each year.”

“Well-organized and very worthwhile.”

“Please have Melisa Galasso back next year. One of the absolute best presenters I’ve had. Would say the same thing about Robert who did the CFO at 30,000 feet discussion. He said he was a fill in, but I really enjoyed his class.”


Comments/Suggestions Regarding Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center

“Huge improvement over last year — plenty of space! Temperature in rooms was comfortable great location and food.”

“Facility was wonderful. CMCC Staff was fantastic.”

“LOVED the event space. Lots of room.”

“Great facililty! Definitely the best training environment in the Columbia area. Please hold event here every year!”

“Overall very good job. Maybe consider more time to engage vendors. Great job with vendor visit stamp cards.”

“Much better than last year’s Fall Conference facility. It was really nice not to be crammed in like sardines. It was easy to get to and easy for parking. Great place for this conference!”

“I hate downtown but I can’t think of a more suitable place. The accommodations for the speakers should be close to the facility, so I think the convention center fits.”

“Good facility; plenty of parking; meals were served quickly and snacks/beverages were always available.”

“This is the best facility for this event compared to over locations in the past. … The snacks in between were perfect.”

“Great! I prefer this venue over last year’s venue quite a bit!! Bathrooms were far away but there were plenty of stalls, so no line! And with 20 minutes in between classes, it was not an issue. Staff was prompt and food service was good.”

“Excellent. Please have it here again.”

“The temperature in the facility was right on, too. Not too hot, not too cold. I heard a number of people comment how the temperature was controlled just right.”

“The facility was fantastic.”

“Well suited for a crowd the size of ours.”
“Convention center was the perfect location. Hilton was a great hotel. … Food overall was very good. Snacks were very nice and appreciated.”

“I like the facility because it was roomy and parking was easy. Greatly prefer this to the downtown hotel that was used in 2018.”

“Great decision to move to the much bigger facility. There was enough room to where people were not as crowded and cramped during breaks like we have been in the past. I would suggest also providing snacks in the other hallway during the door so that people do not all have to congregate in one area.”

“Could not have been better. I attended Spring Splash, and that facility was not conducive to a larger crowd. I also like that Columbia is literally the center point in the state making it suitable for CPAs around the state to get there in an equitable time fashion. I highly recommend continuing to use this site going forward.”


How Would You Best Describe Fall Fest?

“Great courses, networking, entertainment, and social event! I look forward to these events every year! Can’t wait till Spring Splash in Spartanburg!”

“Outstanding overall. Great to have vendor presence. Need more vendors in the future. The entertainment night was fun. Glad I went. Next year I’ll bring my wife.”

“I love the two-day SCACPA events, they are the main reason I keep the membership. I would love if they added more industry topics. Or topics for CPAs haven’t/are not going to work in public accounting.

“This conference was planned exceptionally well. The food was outstanding! This is one of the best CPE events I have attended. I especially enjoyed the breakout sessions. It was nice moving around throughout the day. I stayed refreshed and engaged. I will be looking forward to the conference next year!”

“I’m incredibly impressed with SCACPA’s responsiveness to issues from the last Fall Fest. Every single issue that I had with the 2018 conference was addressed and removed or improved. I’ve done repeat conferences year after year and have the same complaints that never get addressed. And in truth, 2018 was a good conference. 2019 was a great conference!!! Thanks so much.”

“This is a very helpful event. Topics are important to my practice. Presenters are experienced professionals.”

“Fall Fest is an excellent way to broaden your perspective by meeting new people and learning about interesting topics with real professionals.” — Josh B., Greenville

“Solid, professional CPE. Way to go SCACPA!!”

“First time attending. Good use of time.”

“This is an excellent event and a great networking opportunity!”

“I-26 was closed temp on Thursday morning, was an hour late. SCACPA gave presentation the next day so I can make up the hour. Best customer service I have ever encountered.” — Alfred Canteruccio, CPA

“I was impressed and glad I came.”