The monumental Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was just the start of sweeping legislation that will affect all aspects of taxation. Every day there are rulings and actions that set precedents.

Now you can better learn how to interpret the tax code as SCACPA launches the “Federal Tax Update Podcast,” hosted by Lynn Nichols.

Join Nichols each week for informed commentary on IRS actions, U.S. Tax Court decisions and legislation of interest to CPAs providing tax advice and compliance services.

Go to for each week’s new episode, as well as a library of previous installments.

Nichols will monitor each episode’s comments board and respond to your follow-up questions. With this SCACPA member benefit, you’ll be at the forefront of the conversation. Listen to each episode, and you’ll better understand how the new tax laws work.

Nichols has been explaining federal tax law to audiences since 1969.

“I make complex provisions in the tax law understandable,” Nichols told SCACPA when he visited the Cayce office in January to teach overviews on the new federal tax laws. “I can explain a complex tax provision so that practitioners understand it — and so they can apply it.”

Learn more about Lynn Nichols’ thoughts on teaching tax law in this interview.