At SCACPA headquarters, we understand that sometimes questions might arise as you are in the process of renewing your membership. Here are some of most frequently asked questions to help you along the way. Please remember, though, that our SCACPA staff members are ready to assist however we can and answer any additional questions that you may have. 


Who is eligible for SCACPA membership? 

Membership in SCACPA is limited to individuals who hold an active CPA license, are working to attain a CPA licenses, or professionals who directly work for a CPA. 

What are the membership categories? 

Membership Categories include: 

  • Fellow: CPAs who work or live in South Carolina 
  • Non-resident: CPA working and living outside of South Carolina 
  • Retired: CPA who is 62 years of age or older and averaging less than 20 hour a week 
  • Lifetime: 68 years of age or older and 30 years of consecutive SCACPA Membership 
  • Student: Enrolled at a college or university in an accounting program 
  • Affiliate: Non-CPA employee working in an accounting capacity 
  • CPA Candidate: Approved applicant for the Uniform CPA Examination actively pursuing their certificate and licensure. This membership category is limited to five years 

When are membership fees due? 

Membership invoices are issues in May of each year. Member payments are due on July first, and your membership is valid until 6/30 of the following year. 

I am retired and do not practice full-time. Do I still pay $799? 

We understand that as a retired member you have a decrease in income. Retired members will receive full benefits, including 40 hours of CPE for $450. 

I’ve recently retired or am planning to retire this year. Can I pay the retired rate? 

No. Please contact SCACPA via email, mail or fax to have the change approved. We require notification of all membership changes and requests in writing and handle on a case-by-case basis. 

I have temporarily left the work force for military duty, unemployment, disability or domestic responsibilities. Is there a special membership rate for me? 

Yes. You must request this special rate in writing ( and complete an inactive membership waiver form. 

I am not a licensed CPA but am a member of SCACPA. Does my membership include CPE?

CPA Candidates and Affiliates currently pay $450, which does not include CPE. Candidates and Affiliates may elect to join at the $799, which would include 40 hours of CPE. 

I’m a lifetime member. Does my membership include CPE? 

Lifetime membership is complimentary but does not include CPE, however Lifetime members may purchase a 40-hour CPE package for $450. 

Will you partner with Clemson again this year on the Clemson University Income Tax Course?

We are still in negotiations with potential partners including Clemson University. Keep in mind that SCACPA’s CPE catalog is built on an 80/20 platform with 80 percent of our CPE built before the membership year begins and 20 percent built as the year progresses. This is so we are able to meet the changing, most relevant needs of our members.

At this time, I no longer wish to remain a member. Can I ignore the renewal statements? 

No. Per the SCACPA Constitution, you must resign from membership by sending a letter or email to request resignation. In addition, we require you return your certificate of membership to the Association office. Members who have not renewed within 90 days are no longer members in good standing. Membership dues must be paid in order to register for SCACPA CPE seminars and other events, to participate in Chapter events and to be eligible for SCACPA insurance and discount programs. 

What are the membership dues rates? 

The membership dues rates are as follows for July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020: 

Fellow  $799 
Lifetime  $0 
Retired  $450 
Non-Resident   $450 
Affiliate (Non-CPA employee of firm)   $450 
CPA Candidate   $450 
Student    $0 

Is this year’s rate of $799 an increase over the 2018-2019 rate? 

The 2019-2020 All-Inclusive $799 membership rate is NOT an increase over last year’s rate. Last year, SCACPA chapters offset the cost of memberships by $99 each for the first year of the new membership model. The $799 rate was set for the 2018-2019 membership year and is not expected to increase. 

Still have questions? Feel free to call the SCACPA team at 803-791-4181. We are here to give you answers!