With days running out before this S.C. legislative session adjourns, S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster sent a letter that asks the General Assembly to address the issue of Conformity to the Federal tax code in its Sine Die Resolution if the issue remains unresolved by May 10.

Any failure to conform the state income tax code before the end of the year “will create confusion, frustration and chaos when South Carolinians attempt to file their taxes next year,” McMaster wrote in the letter addressed to Senate President Pro Tempore Hugh Leatherman and Speaker of the House Jay Lucas that is dated April 30.

A Sine Die Resolution can be debated during the summer, and then the Legislature can call themselves back into session to approve it and send it to the governor.

In the letter, McMaster describes December’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act as a pro-growth policy that “has allowed Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money and has incentivized businesses to further invest in expansion, hiring, pay raises, modernizing facilities and equipment.”

McMaster closes the letter by saying the opportunity to address Conformity should also include a cut to state income taxes as well as exemption from state income taxes on the retirement pay for career military veterans, law enforcement officers and firefighters.