The AICPA has issued a new interpretation related to the ethics code for state and local governments. This interpretation helps identify the entities related to a state or local government, which are considered affiliates and thus are subject to independence provisions in the Code of Professional Conduct. Given the unique structure and relationship of SLGs, the approach for understanding affiliates is different from that which is applied to entities such as corporations, partnerships and trusts. This interpretation, effective for years beginning after Dec. 15, 2020, will drive significant changes in how we think about independence for state and local government financial statement attest clients.

Make sure to read the eight-page official release from the AICPA Professional Ethics Division here.

“Going through and reading it, it’s not that long, it’s just so meaty that I wanted to spend some time with some of the language you’re going to see there,” Galasso says. “But definitely I want you to take a look at this and think abut what processes or changes to your quality control system you might have if you work with these governmental entities that use GASB as part of your overall planning for the upcoming year.”

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