Submitted by the South Carolina Department of Revenue

If you or your clients use MyDORWAY, Go Green this summer to save time and money!

Starting June 27, the South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) will begin a paperless mailing system on its popular tax portal, MyDORWAY, called Go Green.

This program replaces most mailed paper notices with electronic copies sent directly to MyDORWAY accounts. MyDORWAY account holders will be automatically opted into Go Green starting June 27.

What MyDORWAY users should know:

  • MyDORWAY account owners can easily download letters and email them to other parties, such as CPAs.
  • The SCDOR will continue to print and mail certain notices and letters to all taxpayers.
  • A new upload feature will also be available on June 27, allowing certain documents to be securely uploaded and submitted to the SCDOR instead of mailed. Uploaded documents are sent directly to the SCDOR area or employee working your case, cutting down processing time. If this feature is available to you, your letter or notice will include this information.
  • Account owners can opt-out of paperless mailing, but CPAs or other third parties cannot opt-out on behalf of their clients.

Why Go Green matters:

  • Save time.
    • Customers won’t need to wait for notices to arrive through the mail.
    • SCDOR staff will receive correspondence faster when customers use the upload feature, allowing a quicker resolution for the customer.
  • Save money.
    • The SCDOR currently spends $1.6 million annually on postage alone. Sending notices electronically helps reduce the amount of taxpayer dollars spent on envelopes, paper, and postage.
    • Using the new upload portal saves customers money from purchasing postage and envelopes.

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